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Saturday, November 11, 2006

hmmmm i think i loook not bad for a botak! hahaa... me and ac... bestie since pri 5 but know each other since pri 1! hahaha... her whole family knows me... wau i felt so honoured hahaha... Posted by Picasa

my PRIMARY 1 FORM TEACHER MRS CHAN!!! its been 13yrs!!!! ah!!!! Posted by Picasa

alvin n the BRIDE!!! ADELINE!!!! Posted by Picasa

ahahah me n ac.. the fake groom n bride Posted by Picasa

ac's mum :) teacher in charge when i was a librarian with ac in primary 5 :) Posted by Picasa

ac's sister wedding... the wedding photo so nice! i wanna get married too!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

i met chun li at zouk halloween party... "she: offer me her boobs... so ya... i SQUEEZED IT! Posted by Picasa

my 1st book out with my borders colleagues with alot ppl fly my kites... make me feel so high! hahaha Posted by Picasa