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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

nice shots with me n my vespa! Posted by Picasa

MBS 6D 1998... Posted by Picasa

ac and me on the vespa Posted by Picasa

the after 1st 3months rejects! hahahaa... ok la.. my tanning buddies n neoprint buddies Posted by Picasa

after 8 years... the girls are back... and prettier! Posted by Picasa

when they were 11yrs old... Posted by Picasa

the yellow house babes Posted by Picasa

my green house buddies!!! Posted by Picasa

the toilet punishment crews! hahaha Posted by Picasa

the original 5guys that went genting n KL together... Posted by Picasa

with zijie but without evelyn n zixin Posted by Picasa

FOOD FOOD TONS OF FOOD! Posted by Picasa

this is like dammmmmmm fucking cool la!!! i used zixin phone samsung D500 mosiac mode! ROCKING HELL! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

so do i look much sweeter with all these candies? Posted by Picasa

artistic shot of JUJU Posted by Picasa

SRRR was quite fun... the girls all starts to give presents to one another... those monsters nv gimme anything... shouldnt be so nice to them anymore... but my vice president and vice captain, lianne and rudith gimme a xmas gift! THANKS!

in the morning was chaotic... our lifevests... all the tapes came off! hahaha... then i went over to help the junior guys to register for their match... even though they were playing with a team that is 2 yrs their senior... but i still believe that they still could have done much better.. the monsters did well for their game against SP2.. didnt watch the senior girls match n ponkies... the alumnis could have win NUS1... but i guess they still need to polish abit more on their skills... de wei keep still rocks... damm solid...

well... the match against rookies was GREAT... last yr we played safe defense.. this yr we played safe attack.. i am surprise i didnt sub at all... how i wish i will be able to use back my paddle... it TWISTED on tues... dammit... my speed reduce by so much... my team played quite calm.. i dunno how to break rookies's attack... ah bang and jon with other just came in and only kenneth outside controlling... i cant go for him cuz i know i not up to the standard to block all his trick passes... so glad to play with walter again in the pool... during the match... its soooooooo quiet... its like no one shout much and the audience all like in silence mode also.... then suddenly... MOMO SHOUT "KENNETH!!!! WHERE IS MY $15!!!" damm loud n clear la i wanted to burst into laughter but... its so quiet i just laugh inside me... HAHAAA.... momo should went near the goal post there n keep chanting that to kenneth then that will be more effective... damm funny...

i ref like 5 matches... hoho... but it was ok cuz i am bored... but i just cant stand ref-ing one match... i think all of u know which match... i dun wish to comment much but i think we still need some of the senior ref around like chad... and those year 1 from all the sch... pls listen to ref... somethings are not considered foul as it may seem as one... if ur opponent bang u and u nv resist and u bang into ur keeper... its not keeper charge... pls ask ur own sch ref to clarify it... in some situation its consider a charge... its not easy to explain here... anyway... to NUS3 no.2... i aint a fucked up ref... i could have given u a green card...

well i'll post up a special photos by end of SRRR...

hohoho... merry xmas to all again!