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Saturday, May 12, 2007

oei even though u in australia... the whole mbs crew would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U! yes how can i be so heartless to forget abt ur bday!!! muhauaha u are my bestie after all! and its u who didnt pick up my call la!!! u must thanks weijian for helping me to revive my laptop man! then i am able to retrieve back this collage i made for u la!!! hope u like the fuji camera!

Happy 21st Birthday Ngiap Soon!!!

10yrs leh! grace sit on my left n u sit right behind me! hahaha forever kop my food n drink one lor... nv change until now... forever got free "gift" one... too bad i cant go ur cafe del maar party next week...

the happy primary school friends! i realise taking photo in portrait orientation is really much nicer than landscape!!!

zijie came just when kok n yue chao left shortly!!! argh... nonetheless we still enjoy our times!
next big party.... JULY... i swear its gonna be BIG! hahaha...
grace/shi ting/zixin: pls let me know when u all coming back!!!!
there is so much to blog every week that i dunno where to start from... how i wish i can blog from phone but my lousy army phone cant do that...
i really really appreciate wei jian's help for rescuing my laptop cuz i thought its really gone case!!! cuz its like i on its just blue screen u cant do anything but i dunnooo how he debug it! omg he is seriously DAMM PRO! thanks dude!!!!
my poor grandma... she was just taking a bus... n the bus uncle brake not once not twice but thrice n on the 3rd time he braked so hard that my grandma fall n she injure so badly n she broke her bones in her wrist! old ppl are really fragile... so aiyo she very poor thing she usually dun complain then she hide from my mum n all... until my 4th aunt found out... then she went for operation just now... really hope she is fine now and my mum told me that my grandma went to polyclinic to see doctor n he just nv really look her wrist n just think is bruise n quickly put med on her wrist then just ask her go off... wtf lor... nv even check properly n my grandma could have lost an arm like that can!
seriously i am having doubt abt the health care in singapore... i went to NUH to see the doc regarding my knee n ankle cuz i have old injuries esp when i went ski last yr... my knee n ankle really gone thus my runnning n jumping is not good... and u know wat that freaking doc told... COME ON BE A REAL MAN N JUST FINISH UR NS ITS JUST ANOTHER YR TO GO... fuck u bitch... do u have any idea if ur joints is gone its GONE! fuck la... i fucking pissed with her... and i went back to my camp doc n he also another one... without telling what he is doing he just freaking pull my right leg towards him i was like WTF! like can he tell me wat he trying to do before giving me surprises... then all doc is so fuck up... they dun see swell means nothing wrong... and they all wants u to break ur leg then they will heal u... FUCK RIGHT? shouldn't they prevent it before it even happen? that's why i have no idea why doc are paid so well... as in i think they are freaking over paid... i read freakonomics... and they point out a fact that doc are really cunning as in they will twist their words to make u think that treatment is needed even though its optional just to earn ur freaking $$$... assholes...
met pin yue n horsy last week before i book in... its been really long since we really sit down n TALK n CHAT... yeah... esp with horsy... i had so much to share with her... its really good to catch up with old friends... so i told her that i am very diff person in camp n outside camp... i think i am sinking into depression really soon... i am just very depressed in camp... i cant really focus on anything much... they are pushing me way too far... maybe i am no depress but more like stress... perhaps over the fact that i am worried for my ankles n knees...
i only received a freaking of $520 this month so pathetic... u know army is really cuzing alot ppl to hate them more than ever... ever the pay raise a bit but its really not fair... like a normal man chiong so much n did so much shit but paid peanut n an officer just talk n talk get 1.2k.... and i am forever in the middle class... i am too tired to argue... i just wanna rest... i guess i really need a long break from everything n shut down for a moment before going on further...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

SRRR day 2

take photo with the champion girl first! hahaha... i wont be around to see ur FINAL.... cuz of stupid army live firing on 19 n 20 may.

syaz is wet!!! yeeeee.....

we took a biotech photo! hahaha... eliza said we should sit by which year we enrol... so its eliza me then denise n tiong.... and then i said... HOW ABT WE ARRANGE ACCORDING TO GPA?! hahaha... the denise will be one extreme end and i on the other extreme end! HAHA....

happy birthday syaz....NOT!

and juju dunno how old are u! she thought u are 23! HAHAHA GO KILL HER!

the crazy girls... juju look like one of the ghost in the upcoming malay horror movie!! hahaa... this year can see that a few teams have players from diff sch.... the girls confirm gracie syaz they all will win leh... with nat team players from nus n sp also... then the bull dogs got mark they all n ah bang... interesting to see mix players rather than their own sch... it will be interesting to form a team with 1 person from each sch (tp,sp,np,nus,ntu) hahaha
robynne, princess aka zhenyou, melissa

gim, me and yao!
finally after soooooo long.... met up with the rest of the biotech lecture mates... hahahaha i think i have not see mel since we grad la! hahaha yeah we went to the steam boat at golden mile! its been almost a decade since i been there la.... last time my parents always bring us there!!! ahhhh i love the chicken!! nice nice... so we paid abt $20 per person cuz we order alot of stuff n princess didnt eat much la!
yao is so BURNT! hahaha yao thanks for the taiwan present!
after eating so much... we went to eat MR BEAN ice cream!!! hahaha... its damm nice la i like... hahaha.. then we walk and walk from golden mile to esplanade la! crazy man.... and talk nonsense n chill at esplanade mauhauaha....

isnt this nice?
cant believe i am out the whole day.... 730am till 1230am... went dragonboat training then go to SP watch srrr then went teaching then went out to meet them for dinner... everyweek is like ultra busy for me man... its always like that.. so busy n packed with my life that i hardly have time to rest... like sat i only slept for less than 4hrs n off i go for training.... when i go back camp.... i just sleep nonstop! hahaha my bunk mates all call me pig! hahaha i am just paying back my sleep debt la!

SRRR Day 1

i managed to ref a match... hahaha and i think i am the first to get a yellow card... cuz of illegal sub... and i saw this SP girl no.8 she look like jap! look like hiromi from sakura man... hahahaa kawaii ne.... anyway... just sat there n watch the match... find it boring... this year all the matches freaking boring man.... all the scores is 0 vs XXX... all thrashed one... so wat does it says.... the good teams are getting better n the lousy teams just remain lousy... dunno why but its very extreme... last time at least most of the matches the goal difference is not that much.... but anyway... I DUN CARE.... hahahhaa

syaz and her nice ass.... no la its her baby vamps.... isnt it a beauty.... i want one too!

i came with siao mei to watch srrr.... she always wanted to see how is it like.... FUN RIGHT SIAO MEI! quit nat team track n join NTU canoepolo... hahahaa.... and her NJ friends all in NTU canoepolo la... hahah

denise with her BIKE and her P plate... i no more P plate hahaha.... denise looks funny la... wear shorts n singlets to ride and she so small n the bike is big.... bigger than my vespa la... hahahaha anyway i think its ultra cool to ride bike! GO DENISE! hahahaa

i in camp see them everyday now sat also have to see them.... sian... went there after watching the matches at srrr.... quite alright la... i think its a little boring... but no choice... have to show face so... time wasted = 4hrs

the one in orange is jonathan wong! hahaha he super funny la i saw his friendster he wrote it there that he is KIND, SUPER TALL and SUPER HANDSOME.... he wants to know girls that is as sexy as FANN WONG... omg la jonathan.... aiyo... first it was matthew who cover his face when jonathan wanted to take photo with him then later on group photo we also cover our face n the pic is with wen hao... so for my pic is we turn around! hahahaha....

went to home club to celebrate the twinie bday! HAPPY 22nd birthday yan ren and yan yi!!! yeah all the guys were there except edward... cant wait to get back into the back n train for nat champ.... i wanna kick some shitty ass this yr nat champ!!