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Friday, February 20, 2009


me n xue er keep on bugging each other to soak inside the water since day 1... hahaha until last day then we went over to soak... hahaha FUCKING COLD!!!!

just the 3 of us... yao didnt bring her swimwear...

i have no freaking idea why she cover her mouth like that! hahaha

we love the sun... we love the water.... we love photo taking with timer set n snap 10 times~
i got nothing to show... so better cover everything!!!

then head over to chatuchak! damm funny to see this freaky person! and i realise i delete the video!!! its soooo funnny can!!! ahhhhh how can i delete that vid!!!

really damm funnny dunno if he/she is there all the time...

yum yum... the whole place is really super hot!!!!

I WANT GO BANGKOK AGAIN!!!!! but not so sooon.... bangkok make me damm broke damm fast! hahaha really love it!! mauhauahau!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

bAnGKoK fEaTuRIng VaNiLla cAfE daY 4!!!

we love vanilla cafe!!! daisuki!

check out my shirt man! hahaha i got the pink version for it! hahaha

grace n xue er shared this... its fucking nice!!!

grace got her monster to heat up her drink! hahaa

SCREAM!!!! this is freaking nice la!!!

my broccoli soup not so yummy...

yao's gratin... not bad... 

my burger with rice ahaha

drinking water! own bottle can!

i will nv forget this place man!!!

so chill out!! i love bangkok!!

i love this!!!! yao order the macha ice cream!!

i love the building design too! nice!

xue er cant pose natural one hahaha

vanilla cafe bookshop!! sooo nice!!!

dun u like vanilla music tooooo!?

grace going to pick a book to read!

quite kino huh...

this is FREAKING NICE but nv eat hahaha

erubin @ chinatown, bangkok!

cheeeeenaaa town! 

this is soo soo only... i prefer yami yogurt!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this is damm funny... omg...koda kumi soooooo cannnnot sing in english....

this is the original song from morning museum back in 2000.... almost a decade ago.... super duper catchy song...

then now the taiwanese copycat-ed it... yucks... so low class......
BANG BANG! you are 23! KOK! Day 3

they very good with surprising me huh.... suddenly grace n xue er was away for soooooo long and i thought they stuck in toilet bowl n suddenly pop out with a cake.... hahahaha

thanks for the cake!!!! muahauhauaha....  

thanks :)

yum yum pizza!!!

our MK steam boat! not as yummy as before...



hahah grace always give that blur face! 

me n yao!
they make me look like a loner! haha

can u see the diff when i took and they took? photos i took so NICE right!

i love the cafe!!! vanilla cafe! must go when u go bangkok!

old sch game!!!! i want to play!!!

yao n her curry beef with omu rice!!!

grace too!

cant remember who's drink is that! haha  look like a super big cup of tequila shot! haha

xue er also having the same thing!

actually we all had the same stuff hahaha its really super nice!!

this is vodka mocha... that is my vodka shot!!!

no la bluff u one! hahaha.... its syrup! hahaha.... its freaking nice! the best mocha latte i ever had!

i love this crepe!! super YUM YUM!!! LOOOOOVE!!!! i really eat alot in bkk until super fat!! SAVE ME!!!