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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tokyo - Shimokitazawa

Less than a month and I am back in Tokyo... It feels good to be "home" again! haha... I was really lucky that my Japanese friend, Ema was off on that day and the best part is that she stay very near shimokitazawa.

I have been blog hopping for awhile and I found out about Shimokitazawa. It is like the Haji lane in Singapore. I thought probably it is just a street of shops that's all but I WAS WRONG! IT IS THE WHOLE NEIGHBOURHOOD! ENDLESS OF SHOPS AND CAFE! OMG! 


saw this pretty cafe but it is close! :(

typical neighbourhood in the sub urban area in tokyo!

pls wait while the train is passing! :)

can u believe this is a hair salon? so pretty outside n inside too! OMG!

i love this street... so pretty...

check out this place!

i have no idea what is Route 25! But this KFC does look special!

Bubble tea anyone?!

every corner is pretty!

Miyazaki's food! Miyazaki is the first place I been in Japan. that's 11years ago!

see! even by the lamp post... it's so pretty... OMG... JAPAN WHY U LIKE THAT!

I so wanna chill out outside this shop! Gimme Kirin beer!

There's many used clothing shop in Shimokitazawa. However, most of them are still quite expensive... But if you really like it, you should buy it cuz some is really unique!

I have no idea why when i took this shot.... it gives a lomo effect.. somehow it feels kinda artsy.. that girl looks like she got an awesome camera and going around taking pretty photos... Tokyo is probably a place that will make ur camera "spoilt" with countless shutter count.. (pun intended)

Pls wait for the barricade to lift up before you cross!

Different type of rice crackers!


this too!

waaaa.... hopefully ppl dun jumble up their stuff!

This is a warehouse of chic stuff! chic-it out!

even this mess is beautiful... a beautiful mess indeed...

can't stop my camera from taking photos

i love the colourful stools!

Japanese Childhood toys.... very old school type!

soccer fans... for u!

i miss my bike in Netherlands...

Hello Spiderman!

I am so tired from walking the WHOLE neighbourhood. so i saw this cafe... look really interesting...

so cute

very emo yah? haha

Love the lighting and how cosy the place is...

I really like the rustic effect in the shop...

So me and Ema sat down and ordered our cheesecake sets! everything is so petite! look at the creamer grass! so small! but potent! haha...

What a great time to really catch up with Ema... 10years worth of catch up over coffee.


 It's been more than 10 years since I last met Ema! We met when I first went to Japan for exchange program under St Gabriel's... She moved from Southern Japan to Tokyo for work and I am so glad that I have the chance to meet her. When we first met, I barely can speak any proper Japanese. Now, we can carry out any conversation easily... Hope we won't take another 10years to meet again! See you again soon Ema! :)

I like my outfit for the day!

Blue checkered shirt with hood from MUJI, Japan
Grey shirt from London
Pants from Eleven Paris
Shoes from Korea

Goodbye Tokyo (for now) ! Till we meet again! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shanghai - Xintiandi / 上海之新天地

It's my 2nd time in Shanghai... Previously was -2! freaking cold to the max... and it was CNY eve so i couldn't go anywhere to see anything... this time round it's much warmer and i going to explore xintiandi!

when i saw this sign... I WAS LIKE OMG!!! TAIWAN!!!! no.... this is CHINA SHANGHAI... zzzzzz... i miss taiwan so much!

China really modernised and look more and more like the western countries... which I don't really like...  I prefer it to look more chinese... it will feel so much more like i AM in China...

isn't this very europe?


I like alleys... they have a very unique character...

turning dark... dun walk alone in the dark alley ya... haha

i like how they play with the lighting around xintiandi area... gives the building some texture..

plenty of tourists around.... touristy...

hello munich this is for u!

wise kids don't play with toys anymore...


This is very CHINESE... i like...

Can someone please tell me what does this mean?

SEE! Same road name as Taiwan! OMG! I MISS TAIWAN!!!!

Yummy yummy cheap food!

I prefer this kind of setting... very Chinese... rather than those in Xintiandi... I don't really like Xintiandi.. it is expensive and touristy... next month i going Shanghai again and I am going to explore tianzifang... hopefully it won't disappoint me...

Bye Shanghai~!!