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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jason Mraz Concert~!

went jason mraz concert with yao, weyman..... julin, van sat at somewhere further back... hahaha..

but before concert must eat some yoguru~! hahaha... freaking nice... i want yogurt everyday!

jason mraz!!!! wooooooo~!!!

mauhauhuaha.... we are ready to PARTY! hahaha

jason mraz on stage!!   i gotta say that his live vocal is very impressive! and he is damm funny!!

post concert....
me n yao went nuts!
after the concert... it rain so heavy! thanks for lui she got alot umbrella! hahaha cuz earlier on the day we bought esprit umbrella as its on sales! hahahah thanks for the sales if not we will be all WET!

look at julin! she laugh until so unglam... and she turn back and the wind so strong that turn her umbrella inside out!!! hahahaa

during lecture.... nabilah playing with my snnooooopy!!!!

my baby snooopy pop out from my vest! ahahhaa.... SNOOPY!

Friday, March 20, 2009

for those coming... pls pls... be early ok! only 1st 800 will be free....

during our photoshoot at zouk... hahahaa.... i think we gonna get bounce out! hahaha...

nicole damm funny! hahaha!!!
free flow sprite!! mauhauaha

my weird attire... hahaha posing with deana.... toy soldier!

deana, arefa and nicole!!! her curry puff hair!! hahahaha

jayne having her make up on....

me and dea...
kovit putting on make up for jin feng! hahahha
AC's 23rd Birthday...

huiling, me and ngiap...

kok, ac and nai....

celebrating ac's birthday!!! hahahahaha make her stand on the chair hahahaha!!!

happy birthday girl!!! wish u all the best in everything u do! and hopefully u get a great job!

i cant see ur eyes ah!! hahaha

aiyo... know u since we were 7... now 23... 16yrs!! damm bloody long... hahaha

wooooo... my camera power ah!

grace finally come n join us at loof....

nai, kok, ac, huiling.... pri sch friends!

i can never be fairer than ac... hahaha

wat is a pri sch girl doing here!!!! in pe attire and holding a champagne!!! hahaha

its cheryl la... ahahah so funny...

then i grabbed some potong ice cream!!! hahahaha so old sch can....

grace wanted to take photo with the bubble! hahaha



Farewell Siao Ying!!

bye lao po! hahaha... u wont be back for a year... and pls dun come scare me at minds cafe! i will faint ok!

my STC classmates.... hahahaha

herry and wei zhen.... how often we took photos tgt! hahaha

full force! we are all present!!! hahaha
KTV with AC & Theo....

me n the crazy girls.... ac & theo..

domokun n bart hahah who is cuter?!
domokun fighting with my godzilla!!

hahaha me n ac... squashing domo!

domo is everywhere!!

sing some song domo!!!

ac sang this super old sch songs hahaha super funny

snacks from japan!! hahaha
Erubin is back & alumni gathering!

this photo is 1 month OVERDUE!! i look super unglam in the photos... i was actually damm damm sick... but must look happy u know! hahahaha i was rushing my assignment like mad earlier on the day man....

the alvins hahaha...
edward, yan yi n jeremy.... the original rowdy boyz...

hahaha... yan yi took out his stupid SIM card... then joshua pose with it...

then nikki's turn! hahaha

me and sharon! my biotech senior hahaha

the whole lot of us... missing alot other ppl! hahaha