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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

OK for those who think that sometime wrong with the song...NO! i just change to one super chinese oldies song!!! i super love this song ok!! so CHINA... call me cheena or watever i just love this song... its so CHILDHOOD!!! here's the lyrics! enjoy!

?? (hold and guide)*english translation from ALVIN

??????????? (if we never met)
????????? (tears wont get into my eyes)
??????????? (if your heart still have a tiny little bit that is hanging on to me)
????????? (you wont let me wait alone!)
????? (i wont look back)
??????? (cause deep down somewhere in my memory)
???????? (the memories still poke poke my soul and its very painful)
???? (in life, our journey)
??????? (filled with hardship and conquer)
????????? (i need both your hands to hold and guide me...)

hahahaa i love the translation!
ho ho ho....

nowadays my life is just full of surprises!!! after i bathed... i came out! i was so surprise to see my host family online and using the webcam i bought for them!!! la la la... so damm cool but my mike spoilt... but i can hear them!!! the two kids are still adorable as ever! SRRR spoilt my holiday plan to japan... they will be going to skii on 30th dec to 3rd jan! haiz... i want to go too... so SRRR this year better be good man... if not i gonna cuz some chaos n spice things up...

yest i failed my basic theory 2nd time! hahaha... i just realise i got the test like the day before! wat sia.. seriously i dunno why i did study but i didnt really cover all stuff... i am so not gonna fail the 3rd time lor... and i am seriously thinking of learning thru sch instead of private... i want to drive so badly... can someone just gimme a mini cooper to drive... i will love u very much... hahahaa...and i am in love with mazda 3 blue one! and i saw irvin!!! hahahhaa i guess he same as me sick of bike and want to start driving car... and i complete my test in 10mins! hahaha i think i like go there to play instead of really taking the test... and i saw HUANG YAN TOO!!! yes my proteomic teacher who i will see again next semester... she taking her TP today... hope she PASS.. hahaha

today... i went to the stupid commando thing at pasir ris camp... its like super waste of time... from 8am till 2pm i was like rotting away... they got this psychological test for like 2hrs.. after that i went out for some fresh air... I SAW WALTER!!! hahahha.... its been damm long since i last saw him which was at nat champ! hahaha... so we went chatting n chatting away... he shrinks... i guess he really tone up... and ya... i thought i gonna be there alone... hey hey... there is like zhenyou zijie mun hong weiming and the rest there la! so lucky man if not i gonnna rot alone with bunch of losers... i tell ya... those ppl who went for the thing... all SO CANNOT MAKE IT LOR... i send all my juniors over there can easily perform better than them... so there come the interview part.... the indian old man he look like our swimming pool security guard!!! hahahaa... he is damm friendly la...

Alvin and the "security guard"
ah neh: are u interested in joining the commandos?
me: NO!
ah neh: ok.. how about joining it as a career??
ah neh: really?
ah neh: really really??
ah neh: so wat is ur eyesight degree??
ME: 350.. both side 350..
ah neh: oh... actually our requirement is 300... but for u 300plus is ok... very ok..(the "very" movement shakehead kind! haha)
ME: erm... ok...
ah neh: so i write 300..
ME: NO! 350!
ah neh: ok ok... 300plus... ok see you soon... wait for our letter...
ME: wau sian...*walk away

are they really that desperate to get me in? waste time sia... i could have join my guys for training for 4hrs... but i think i really have no choice man... i am still thinking should i go navy diving unit... but will only go in in march 2007! commando will be jan 2007... and i grad aug 2006... i got 7months to rot for navy and 5months for commando... I SHOULDNT HAVE RETAIN! its there any intake i can go in earlier like sept? someone pls email/sms/tag me!

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