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Thursday, May 01, 2008

i have already set up nacc group on facebook!!!

join us at

and for all alumnis... alumnis blog is up!!

and official email:

before ayumi is super famous... she sang this song on tv......

she look freaking different huh.... hahahha

i was super crazy over this song 7yrs back! hahaha... the dance damm nice.... and guess wat... there is an auntie version!

its auntie like my mother n your mother.... so RESPECT YOUR MOTHER! *LOL* enjoy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


the other day mingxue told me my friend was on straits times... then i was like wondering who... so its ANN SIAO MEI!!!! eh why they nv put u nat team sprinter! and ur shorts dun match ur sports bra leh.... and u should be wearing ur chio mizuno spike wat!! and where is my BEST DRESS AWARD!!!! i gonna bug n pester u everyday about the award!!!! mel n joyce n alot alot ppl ask me why u nv gimme!!!! hahahaha i bet siao ying was around she sure laugh until pengs! hahaha

check out the classic look of nerd!! all other nerd are too fashionise already.... i am the all original NERD!!! now! where is my award!!!!

behind the scene u know.... i put alot gel on my hair to make it flat ah!!

photos from joel's camera.....

i really like this pic taken by joel at nic's bday... damm nice man... he use his lomo flash on his nikon d60 camera n the slow shutter mode.... wau dammm coool.... i am behind lor... hahaha carol as usual always ready for camera one! hahaha

group photo with yellow lomo flash! hahhaa... looks like taken with film camera haha
it's my baby karin!!! GOOD BYE!

huang bi ren staring at the waiter....

karin heading to the states this sat... florida disney sea... anyone heading there? she might be ur tour guide? hahaha so coooool la... i also want to go USA work n travel!!! argh... damm it nowadays i super gian to travel round the world!!!

karin: hey u better come over or i kill u!

soup spoon at raffles exchange...


YEAH!!! i am flying off to florida!!! to be a mermaid at disney sea world!!!

me n my baby!!!

tiong: wat's with karin... siao siao one....

snap snap karin..... karin look like she just grab daph by force n take photo... hahaha damm funny..... tiong n chen... we gonna learn diving soon right!!! haha

karin try to hang herself using her hand bag.... hahaha

look at her pretty face.... NO PIMPLES! hahaa

i replaced denise! hahaha.... since gracie syaz all not around... i replace all seniors... hahaha

i recruited 2 SIM players for canoepolo IVP next yr!!! daph n chen!!! haha... tiong wait until apply SIM then say ok! hahaha and yay! mark going SIM too... i got a good keeper too.... next yr ivp gold? hahah 

wow! i went mambo last wed... i saw felicia!!! hahha... dammm long nv see her go club!! yeah exams over huh!!! someone grad already lor!!!!

alex found his long lost twin....

monsters left 3 person....

wat's wrong with alex? haha

momo so turned off by xiao pang act cuteness hahaha


weilong wants a kiss... mx siao already... romeo wants to chomp u!!

wei long still wants a kiss!!!! mingxue wants a blowjob... romeo still dammm high hahaha

dun need to go so low to take photo one! hahaha

hmmmmm high!

foursome.... hahha

its mervyn!!! thanks for the shot! hahaha.....

alex stole weilong's cap...

dun take my photos when i dun have my cap!!!!

weilong really really need a kiss badly!!!

let's start posing!

weilong n alex getting abit stonny

amelia! ur unglam photo!! ahhahaa

some photo really is like WAT SIA!!!

if that old man is mambo king... then weilong is the mambo prince! hhahah

serene cut her hair until like that! got BANG!! then i realised she look like xiao long nu!! ahhaha

weilong is forever high!!! hahaha super good!!! let's go awara!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wat goes around, comes around!

hahaa jun wei u see la... last wed push me at phuture... now its ur karma!!! mauhauahuaha dun think no one know!!! UR SECRET IS OUT!!!! dun worry that's not the worst.... the worst is last time one ref watch n fall inside the drain!! *i nv say who*

u guys love telling me stories huh!!! 

Sunday, April 27, 2008

everybody!!! thanks for watching the video i made! cant believe i just repost the video here and 200ppl viewed it within a week! hahaha alot sms, msg from friendster/facebook n msn... i just use my mac to create it... n i learn everything on my own just trial n error and play around with the program.... yup... and if u all are craving for more... u can go to youtube and search under my username canoepolo and search for more funny videos.... very own homemade videos!!!

and gotta say.....


i cant believe my bmt friends also count down 100days to ord.... yeah mark u tooo!!! and too bad for jeremy that he will ord 1month later than US! hahahaa... 

cut my hair and guess wat... my ipod love rugby alot.... cuz.... my ipod touch down.... if u have brains u will get the joke... HAHA.... anyway... freaking no idea why it just refuse to have sex with my mac... argh!! so i guess the whole ipod will get replace... maybe another hurray for me that i got a brand new ipod again! hahaha....

and this sat i am having 2 birthday parties again.... same day same time and guess wat again!!! SAME THEME!! sorry edwin... my friend desmond already told me earlier... haiz.... guess i will go to edwin bday party early n drop by... then head down to desmond bday.... and holy shit... he is having it at roof top!!! cool shit... but first... i have no idea wat to wear.... theme is tie/bow/scarf/watever can tied u down!

so dear friends... if u ever want to have your birthday party... pls pls pls.... inform me 2weeks in advance? thank you :)



HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO XAVIN! yeah! now juniors can club legally!!! more mambo khakis!! hahaha

many many love to everyone!!!
we do wat werkz!!! hahaha homework? hahaha

weilong getting thristy!!!

that's how we decorate our tower with reciept! HAHAHHA  mingxue have not drink anything already HIGH....


rowdy boyz + rookies = rowdy rookies! CHEERS!!!

mingxue gonnna getttt soooo DRUNK!!! muhauahauha

gracie + alvinie + syazie = cuties!! *LOL* not funny hahaha

woooooo.... my fav monster!!! serene the siao char bor!! hahaha!!!! always high high high.... hahahaha actually i realised everyone in nacc is always high!!! hahahah


gracie syazie weilongie hahaha.... 

hahaha so who want to take photo with who sia! all siam!!! dun bully photographer leh!!!

jappo is crazy....

eh xavin n tyffin... u all drink oooolong tea is it??? or ice lemon tea? hhaha

check out rihanna!! hahaha acting cute! LOL.... 

head of alumnis!

jackson! why ur face sooooo RED!!!!! blushing right!!!

jappo: walter i telll u one dark dark secret.... but we have to go dark dark place then can tell u! *hehe*

i really have no idea wat they are doing....


double losers!!!

upsize n u get 4!!! tetra losers! hahaa

presidentsssssss...... 22nd com, 20th com and 23rd com!!!!

i thought of a name for the junior team.... instead of carl's juniors.... you all can be Lee's Juniors!!! hahaha SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT!!!