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Monday, March 15, 2004

got back my common test result already... kao.. i think i damm slack during the study week that why my result sux!
chem pract 22/40
chem test 57/100
math test 69/100
microbio test 62/100

all is damm lousy sia... kao how to top module man... everyone is like getting so good.... ALVIN WAKE UP AH!!!!
from now onwards i going mug!! argh...

anyway past few days alot stuff happen... last fri the best man.,.. hahaa went out with samuel, felicia, kerrie, zx, weiyang... aiyo we took neoprint then the last shot run out left kerrie n wei yang.... damm funny!! wau lau i laugh until the security guard come n scold us... hahaa... watch butterfly effect!! damm nice k!! damm nice!!!

sat went to the canoe sprinting thingy... wau rachel got 1st for her heats! power sia! then i go help out with the starters.. damm hot k.. until i got high fever... damm damm sick... now at least i know how everything works so next time if go for sprinting competition know how to cheat abit in the starting hahaa... good to see deming there! haha long time no see man... hehee

sun went to the IT show to see see... ok lor same as usual leh.. then i bought 50pcs of CDR for just $16.70!!! muahaha!! CHEAP!!

this fri gonna go cut n dye my hair man! hope everything goes well man... tml hao coming to crash poly!! hahaha samuel n felicia also!! hahaha welcome!!

now in sch ah... i didnt got the IPC tutorial cant do.. so did maths online today... i gonna list down all the stuff i gotta do this week...

1. oral com self reflection essay [due dunno when]
2. oral com presentation [due on week 13]
3. chem presentation [due on week 13]
4. chem tutorial [due this week]
5. lab report [halfdone]
6. math tutorial [1/4 done]
7. math online [half done]

trying to get the presentation stuff start abit... die ah... i must try to finish all this by next week... cuz my host mother coming next sun!! time flies! kao... need to go around start asking who got video cam to borrow man...