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Saturday, August 01, 2009

haha i think if i dun update soon this will become an abandon blog~!

weijian couldnt extract my hard disk~! sian... no choice... quite a few stuff i cant recover anymore... damm it... i better back up my mac more... its not mac fault for this crash... ask me personally n i will tell u hahaha....

i really love my mac.. been using it for 2years n no complaint... so they gonna replace n get a new hard disk for me and i will be able to do my work alot faster i cant wait for snow leopard OS to be out too~!!

been relief teaching for a week.... and i can say that i quite like it... as my lessons are all in the afternoon so i am able to teach early in the morning... i am taking over a teacher and teaching lower sec science... dun play play my science power one ok~! hahaa... anyway i wont tell u all which sch... when i relief other classes which dun require me to teach aka babysitting... i will be reading my lecture notes and read my finance magz... so actually waking up 630am everyday is not so bad after all :) food is damm cheap in sch... so yeah i save a lot~!!!

yest was with my classmates n head for ice cream... we actually skip stupid ponyo class... she is DAMM BORING.... i can just read from my notes... anyway the main point is not this.... i asked them how they punish their students from talking... then wat i did is the normal way... get them to stand up.... but i realised its worse~! cuz they will just stand up and its easier for them to talk left right all these students aiyo! so sujana told me last time her teacher made her classmate SIT UNDER THE TABLE~!! *WOW* brilliant... hahaha i gonna try that next week....

so whoever have any good idea please tag on my board ok~!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


dun ask so much.... anyway its my fault~!! ahhh.... so wont be posting photos for some time... and i think i will lose some photos... cuz i have not back up~!! tamade....

nowadays soooo busy... booo... i am in love with fundsupermart magz~!! its damm nice to read...