Friday, January 27, 2006

Hello everyone!

next wed pls come cocolatte n celebrate the HERO's birthday!!! yeah it's me.. the HERO.. hahahaa.. its free entry and house pour at $11.. happy hour from 11 to 12... R&B whole nite long till 3am... everyone is invited!!! dun need invitation!!! just come!

Guests invited....
1) whole canoeing club (60 to 70ppl)
2) mbs friends (10ppl)
3) st gabs friends ( a few)
4) NP friends - Les group (abt 5ppl) - my coursemates (10ppl)
5) JI friends (4ppl)
6) Outside friends & friend's friends (10ppl)

whauwhuaha at least 100ppl... i hope... pls come ok! i think this is my last birthday to celebrate with you guys n girls before going NS... i think the next time i will be scratching my body at some ulu pandan jungle sleeping beside some stinky platoon mate... hahaha

anyway yest party at club momo... NUS arts bash turn out is not good... trina was like..."WAU SCIENCE BASH HAVE MORE THAN THIS!" hahaha... but it was quite fun... hahaha jappo crazy one go n make new friend... and her name is mary.. then jappo nv dance with her... and yeah i saw rachel! damm long nv see her!!! hahahaa

carol friend was like..."hey u sure this guy same age as u? he look so young n so underage!!!" hahahaa... yeah i know but HELLO I AM TURNING TWENTY NEXT WED... NO MORE A TEEN! its ok i know i am forever young hahaha! i think 20 is not a nice age... cuz u no longer a teen but u still cant watch R21 show officially! hahhaa

anyway saw this nerd dancing yesterday... he dance as if he is a vibrator... he dun dance...he shake n tremble n vibrate n watever word that can describe his hilarious movement... and joyce told me trina next wed going for NUS Law bash... guess wat... it is call LAW-lipop... how cute la the name! i should get a funky name for my birthday bash right? like Bart-LEE(bartley), Bay-LEE(baileys), Happy-LEE(Happily), BULL-LEE(Bully).... damm lame...

i gotta start planning my japan trip... if u all have any nice place to visit in japan...pls tell me k!

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One night party at club momo with 2 CHIJ TP girls, 1 ACS girl and 1 Cat high boy... hmmm... Posted by Picasa

RACHEL!!!!! MISS HER LOTS!! i cant even remember when is the last time i saw her.. so pretty now! i bet she is the sexiest canoeist at NTU! Posted by Picasa

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she is one BIG BAD EXAMPLE for the future of CHIJ TP girl...  Posted by Picasa

bad bad rudith...  Posted by Picasa

bad bad cat high boy smoking and drinking! underage! Posted by Picasa