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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

erubin is extremely exhausted....
i need a break...
i am sick of doing things for ppl...
i need to do things for myself...
been too generous...
time to be selfish...
will be away for sch camp thurs & fri
i hope i can enjoy fully and not thinking abt so much stuff all the time...
will update soon...
see u guys :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it was released on year 2000.... its 2009 now... and we almost going into 2010... almost a decade ago~!!! OLD OLD OLD~!!!

and now.... she still damm good~!


flowers from siao mei, and we bought some snack n the bday cake!

the 3 campers! waiting for jess to come up n launch our surprise attack!!

taken by my canon ixus 80... the power of long shutter... :) i like

siao mei scolding adeline for spoiling the fun... sian man... actually jess have no idea we are there.... but stupid adeline all the way in india go n call jess n ask if she is with us already or not~!!! WA LAU~!!! damm spoiler la!! sian!

our multi shots!

happy birthday jess~!!!

big smile!


somemore photo!!!

jess cant "stand" it!!!

the girls' fav jumping shots~!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


pri sch friends.... at timbre~!!! other photos are too ugly so nv upload... cuz my face too oily HAHA!!! 

the usual gang :)