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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Chef Erubin Debuts!

Yesterday I cooked this! Pan Fried Salmon with Asparagus and Carrots + Pasta!! YUMS~!!! Sometime I wonder how I can cook "quite well" without any professional culinary training and experience. I JUST LOVE COOKING!

I actually was really happy to make my own Egg Benedicts at home! Now that I know how to make it, I think it is super expensive to pay for Egg Benedicts... sooooo expensive! Imagine an egg cost 20cents and they charged you for $12!? It's daylight robbery! haha... but oh well... that's the market rate! I shall set up my biz soon! :)

Right after my Egg Benedict creation, the next few days, I made my own bentos! So cute and beautiful huh.... really love the Snoopy Bento box I got it from Snoopy Town in Japan! SO WORTH IT!! Omg... when am I going to open my Erubin Shop.... I really been cracking my brain on the name of the shop and I can't seem to find a right name.... some of my friends told me i should just name it ERUBIN! What do you guys think? Let me know! :)


就算一無所有 至少還有你
                                               Even if I have lost everything, I still got you.

Sometime I really do like to look at my friends' facebook... you always get all these cutesy and touching stuffs... it just like the new way of chain emails.... don't you realised you hardly get any chain emails anymore? Just like last time we all will have chain sms like forward this msg to 10 of your friends and blah blah.... nowadays we are more serious on phone huh... dun like to receive all these chain sms anymore.... OK THAT'S NOT THE POINT IN THIS POST..... 

ALL I WANNA SAY I WANT A DOG SO BADLY THAT.... I DUN MIND NOT WORKING FOR A FEW MONTHS JUST TO SPEND SOMETIME WITH A DOG.... every since young... I always wanted my own dog but my mum just dun want to have one cuz she think all dogs are stray dogs (her excuses), said that the dog will pee all over the place (she dunno what's toilet training is), bite every piece of furniture (she watched too much TV, it's not Milo put on the mask..

Lucky in life.... I HAVE SNOOPY! HAHA

I am still waiting for that day I just get a dog n ignore my mum totally... hahah let's just wait huh!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

RIP Emma Yong

Today, Singapore lost a great talent... Last met her was at Cinderel-Lah! Opening Gala... It's really sad that you have to go so soon... I will miss you. Thank you for all the joy you brought...

RIP Emma Yong.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

エルビンの信じられない東京 [^.^v]

Hellllllo everyone!!!! It's ERUBIN~!!! haha ok... i shall stop being such a lazy bum n continue to BLOG!

If you follow me on my facebook/twitter/instagram @erubinz you would know that i just came back from Tokyo not long ago! Really miss the place... been more than 2.5years! Great to be back!

I was staying at Odaiba... so for those of you been to Odaiba... u will know there's the statue of liberty... which is quite funny cuz its japan n not US! anyway... i just doing my stupid photo pose again... so far... i ate Eiffel tower n some popular buildings... i shall continue to eat them up! HAHA!!!

So first stop of the day! SHIBUYA! Yes~!! my fav place... cuz i love to go to the starbucks at level 2 of 109 building and have my coffee and people watch... it's really nice to people watch... you will get to see many interesting stuff...

I would say this is the world most famous traffic light crossing... i will just stare at the crowd and look at their fashion! it's really fun :) try it next time and tell how you like it :)

Yeah! it's been a long time since I last had my authentic Japanese beef bowl from Yoshinoya.... Singapore's one are all craps... nothing compared to the Japanese... Singapore you dun even get the raw egg to mix into your beef bowl... so yes this is what the typical salaryman have for their breakfast in the morning! yums!!

Time for some touristy stuff!!!

Though i've been to Tokyo more than 5 times? but i didn't really take photo with Hachiko! hehe... yeah if you caught that movie... yes... its this dog over here! just right outside shibuya station!

I wonder when will i get to have my own real dog... really love to have a dog! :)


For those of you who took Tokyo subway... you will always see this message on the board or someone will make an announcement of this message... it's just saying train is arriving. please mind the steps!

Me and my touristy photos... hahaha

Though i am a tourist.... but everyone think i am Japanese.... cuz i can speak the language... really glad that I picked up the language and i can breeze through tokyo effortlessly... :)

Before I came over to tokyo.... I have this Michelin book on Tokyo... and i always wanted to try it... so I picked this place to be my 1st testing ground! it's a 3 stars michelin! I had Yumi to book a place for me!

So Here I am~!!! :)

The flow of the course for the lunch set. Hot towels. Getting ready for my 3 stars michelin meal! :)

I just warm up my stomach with this Japanese shochuu... really tasty and i like it mixed with warm water! :)

1st course of the day: Steamed Asparagus with miso sauce

I like the appetizer. very flavourful and the vegetables are still very crunchy!

2nd course of the day: Tai Sashimi

Really fresh and good :)

3rd course of the day: 
Carrot & White Radish with Miso sauce and Sea Salt

I am not a big fan of carrot so was quite torturing for me to eat 2 whole carrots! this is a set... so i can't change it...

4th course of the day: 
Snapper fish with crab sauce

The fish is fresh. At the end, you just have to scoop and drink the crab sauce! Oishiiiii~!!

5th course of the day: Japanese rice with fish flakes, seaweed and spring onions + Miso soup with tofu skin

The rice is my favourite!!! The chef deliberately burnt the rice to give it a bit of the chewy and crunchy bite! i almost go crazy over it! haha...

The soup is simply miso and tofu skin. Not very thick and salty like some restaurants.

6th course of the day: Custard with red bean paste

Sadly, i am not a fan of red bean too! but certain dessert i do like the red bean however i don't really like the red bean... BUT... the custard is damm awesome! OMG! its soooo goooood! Love the presentation....

Together with the dessert, they serve either organic coffee or hafu tea... Coffee is just coffee so i chose to try something new and decide to drink this!

This is something that vegan will LOVE it! It's filled with Japanese vegetables and it taste very GREENY! haha... i quite like vegetables so i really like this... actually by then, i was already very FULL... gonna explode anytime! haha...

At the end, I took photo with the chef! Damm.. i should have bring my michelin book and ask him to sign! Then i will go around collecting signatures! haha... anyway... He signed the menu for me to bring home :) He kept saying he want to visit Marina Bay Sands! STB u did a great job in promoting SG huh! well done! :) Hope to see him soon! :)

just opposite omotesando, still around the shibuya area.... it's the cat street! just like Singapore's haji lane but alot bigger!

YES! I SEE MY SNOOPY TOWN! JUST 150M away from me :) happiness!

So nice right.... Haji lane is nothing compared to this!

How i wish Singapore have enough space to have this kind of building...




Self explanatory!

This is the basket of happiness....

Filled with SNOOPY items!! ahhhh!!! going crazy! hahaha... 

Sometime i just dun think i am really 26... i still like SNOOPY A LOT... i grew up with SNOOPY in my life... yes... ever since young! 

We all should be like SNOOPY... SMILE! Snoopy is always smiling!

Yoshi is also one of my favourite... and recently i am playing new super mario on my wii and every mario gamers everytime they see yoshi pop out from the ? box.... they will get excited! RIGHT? hahaha... but i didnt buy yoshi... just SNOOPY! haha

In the evening, I went to meet up with Yumi! Because I have a very important task which is to deliver Sandcastle autographed poster and booklet from Junfeng to Yumi for Singapore-Tokyo Film Festival 2012

Please join SinTok Group and show support for our local films!

While searching for our dining place in Nakameguro, I have to say... this is really a nice chill out place... very quiet neighbourhood with many nice cafe and restaurants around!

When we went in the restaurant, we just ordered right away! can't wait! hahaha! this is agedashi tamago! instead of tofu, this is the egg version... omg the sauce is heavenly! i slurped it all up!!!

Anyone try lamb sashimi before? THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TRYING IT!!!! It is not like the normal mutton meat with that goaty smell... this has no smell and a little chewy and YUMS! LOVE IT!

Like the younger generation, I am not a fan of bitter gourd. However, this is not that bitter and its really refreshing with other veg.... THE ONIONS SO FRESH ITS SWEET!!! HOW CAN U NOT LOVE JAPAN FOR THEIR FOOD?!

I actually took some time to decide what I wanted to have for dinner! in the end, i chose Jingisukan! That's Hokkaidou style of lamb BBQ! I don't think Singapore has it. Not many Japanese eat it too. But for those who know it, it is NICE! :) Yes this is my 2nd time i have it! :)

The lovely staff helped us to prepare the food and arrange it.... isn't it beautiful.... i mean the presentation of the FOOD! haha....

At the end of the dinner, I was really full but Yumi forced me to have dessert... we shared half of it! I SO GLAD SHE FORCE ME TO EAT.... CUZ THIS SAKURA ALMOND PUDDING IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!! I WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN! OMG!!!! NEXT TIME, IF ANY JAPANESE FORCE U TO EAT.... JUST EAT IT!!!! hahahahahha

Just outside the restaurant! The Sakuras are still blooming... so beautiful with the night illumination...

This is the other side of the street.... so nice... I wanna stay in Japan can...

Yumi asked me to pose for the photos so i did the Japanese pose! haha! yes this is very Japanese....

So I showed her the Korean pose! Haha... many ppl asked me why is this the Korean pose... I told them cause this is how Tohoshinki pose haha... Oh man I miss JAPAN ALREADY!!!! I am going there this Sunday! Can't wait!!! :)

That's all readers! I will be back with more awesome posts.... regularly! hehe! BYE!