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Saturday, April 05, 2003

my fav phrase again...Kao~! yesterday so late then sleep... i guess i slept at 6++am lor cause i was so fascinated by japs phone~! sugoku kakkoii yo...(super cool) and before that i was going out with ngiap, nai, lao long, brandon... play pool... kao wearing my that boardshort agin... that size 32 one,.... can easily slip off... and you know what happen... then the whole day.. stupid brandon keep on trying to pull down my shorts...argh~!!

for today i went HMW buy w-inds CD lor~! kao i should have ask nicholas help me buy it in japan but forgot~!!! and that one in HMW one really sux lor.. the case got so much scratches lor... then the booklet was like so lock cock (hokkien for not so good condition) one~! from outside it looks quite alright lor... stupid HMW i dun usually go there buy CD cause so ex and is really Hack Money Vampire~! .l. tml i going to go back and kao peh~!!!

just now talking to nai n nicholas they all... kao keep on asking me to peace with those bastard... is just that i just want to hack care abt them and just move on with my life.... there are more better off ppl than them lor.... i just damm bastard when ppl treat me bad lor... i dunno what happen to me after my sec sch life... during my late pri sch years.. i was like so good to everyone and call everybody up and just chat till my mother kao peh... but now my attitude changed... i just treat ppl good when they are good to me and vice versa... i think this way better cause u nv know ppl are using u lor.... cause i been backstabbed and used by some idiots in st gabs lor... so i learnt my lesson... so i guess i must treat xue er damm super good~!!! muahaha cause she my 10 best friend~! muahaha... anyway i think tml going to be damm cool lor~!!! hehehe cause it will be so exciting better than those drama~!!!

so sickening lor go ask for so many jobs not a single one called me back... if i still cant find it next week i just gonna learn electronic keyboard and vocal course~! cause i really admire those ppl who can sing so well and write their own songs... then i going to compose a romantic song first if i can... then i will to that girl~! muahaha... and i am prepared to paint my rooms... make my room looks damm cool and suitable for friends gathering~!!! i going to invite all my friends to my room not my house~!!! cause i think my room going to look the best in the house~! hehehe my house that kitchen toilet really sux lor... cause u need to squat one no toilet bowl~! but i prefer that lor... much more hygenic~! imagine all the ppl sit there before and yucks~! damm disgusting~! hahaha.... really lor...

i only managed to revamp my friends introduction page only... have not done the rest... i guess i need to do other page soon...oyasumi..

Thursday, April 03, 2003 damm pissed at ngiap... sms him early in the morning to ask him whether he wan to go ikea with me n cheryl... then he nv reply me and nick not going pin also not going so i told cheryl dun go lor tml then go.... then thought ngiap would also stay at home.... and i 1pm around wake up by cheryl phone call... then after we decided not to go today... i cont to sleep...(cause i slept at 7am ok~!) then i woke up again at 4pm while ming xue called me at 3pm... then called him back and he told me he n ngiap at queensway...whua lau that stupid ngiap really damm bo jio lor... and for the whole day i waited for his 5cents sms... not a single replied at all.... feel like wacking him man.....i might seem to be pissed but still ok lah... nvm bo jio nvm... anyway dun really feel like going with them.... cause they told me they buying shoes... i too broke to buy shoes now...that is why i cant go jessica $40 CHALET~!

then after i put down the phone.... go and send my japanese host letters and her present~! (BoA 2nd Album)... kao send to her the CD plus 4 photos and a letter cause me another $6... but nvm its the thoughts counts~! hehehe really hope she like the CD... really damm shock from last yr that she gave me BoA 1st album... so as a return i bought her that 2nd album... who knows maybe BoA 3rd Album she send me then i send her BoA 4th album....(aiyo why think until so far). now i trying to find a job to earn some $$$ to go japan this dec... going to backpack and travel from tokyo all the way down to the south to find them.... and i going to take bus~! can see all the scenery~!!! Japan is really damm beautiful.... argh if only i was born in Japan.... and no need go NS... muahauhaahaha..... somemore their valentine's day is girls give guys chocolate~! damm envious those guy there....

today i going to jio cheryl n pinz n nicholas n ngiap n ming xue out tml..... now kind of addicted to pool~! argh... yest i played with ngiap they all and my sec sch friends... i really damm tai kou... hahaha... but quick fun n cheap lor...hehee feel like going karaoke....who cares if i cant sing... as long i love singing...nothings gonna stop me~! muahaha.... now suddenly like w-inds and Lead... damm cool man... later going to build my webby somemore... new sections includes: When I was younger, Friends Introduction Part 2 and My Tribute to my Idol~!!!
first of all i going to finished doing my blot first... must try to do it at least once a day... but everytime i do the blot i dunno why i got so much thing to say.... damm long never talk to xue er liao... got alot thing to complaint to her and discuss muahahaha my 10 years best friend~!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Kao today really boring... everyone is so scare of the sars... argh~! i want to get out of my house soon and find a nice job... anyway today my friend, sarah lost her phone.. so poor thing and ask me whether got any lobang... must go help her ask must try to reply my letters to my host mother~!!! i finally can understand her whole letter in japs~! she bought a new white car~! hahaha ask me to go back japan to play... argh but japan the tix so ex... must save money lor.... i hope next time i can go japan alone and walk around... dun mind ppl joining me... then i will go tokyo then slowly come down to osaka then go further down to Miyazaki prefecture... but first must go poly chiong my japs... i going to challenge BoA with my Japs then learn Korean also~! I wan go find BoA, Won Bin and Shinhwa~!!! I going to revamp my webby.... hope can finish by tml....