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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long time no see readers

Hello everyone!

I'm not dead ok! Hahaa I just been sooooo busy with everything that I practically have no time to blog at all! Now I'm testing out blogging thru my iPhone I wonder if it will allow me to blog more often... Sorry for disappearing!

Been busy with sch work n I was sick for the whole week so I slept whenever I got the chance. I'm stress over my upcoming test. I really wanna score well man.. I have at least 3 textbooks for both micro n macro Econ each!

Apart from sch work.. I'm quite distracted by the fact that I keep thinking about stuff for my dreams...

Why dreams n not dream?

Cuz.. I always wanted to work in japan and start my own Japanese cafe. So upon graduation I really gotta choose one to do first... Nonetheless I'm still slowly figuring things out.

It's good to have dream... But when it's more than a dream, it will clash n become nightmare...

Anyway... You all should go watch lady gaga telephone MTV! It's an epic man!!! Power!! I love gaga to the max man... I hope I can go for her concert soooon!!!

I shall blog again sooon....

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