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Saturday, July 14, 2007

i really cant live without camera so i bought panasonic fx30 without much hesitation... hahahaha n its quite a good camera!! n i love blue!!!

my cousin joanna goh...... goh-ing back aussie this sun! only manage to meet her for like 15mins? hahaha... EVERYONE IS GOING AUSTRALIA LA!!! when will it be my turn?!!?!?

grace's new shades! nice? hahaha

its nadia!!! hahaha great to bump into her n we cant stop talking abt japan man!

xinting grace me... feeling upside down! hahaha

farewell charles... wont be seeing u for 2yrs... take care dude... KALLANG FAMILY!!!

the three of us i diff colours.... :)

birthday girl with me! know her since i am primary one!~!!!

not my hand shaky ok! its u shake ur head! hahaha

the birthday girl with allllll the pri sch friends!

the colourful ppl :) ngiap,xue,ac,yann,me

me n yannlin :)

yun yi~! my classmates from pri 1 to 4! and jialing n karen both from other class!! pri sch reunion man!!! gonna meet up with shi qi soon!

My last photo with ac.... the next one will be 1yr later... take care ac!