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Friday, October 15, 2004

song: vitamin C - graduation

didnt really wanted to blog... but after reading some of my friends' blog... yeah.. i decided to blog.. was reading hannah blog on how her friends changed her to be a better person n how much stuff she learnt... i was kinda touched by what she wrote over there... sometime i wish that wat will i be if i were to go to JC... i guess i was wrong about CJC... i couldnt get in SAJC n didnt put ACJC as my choice n i look down on CJC... that is the reason why i dun wan go JC anymore n go on to poly... shouldnt judge a book by its cover huh... guess wat... today i was doing my ACMB paper n i was totally LOST... i dunno how to do the questions.. then i keep on thinking why i end up choosing some course which i thought i will love it n excel... i was wrong AGAIN... i look back n think... maybe i should just get myself in JC n just study hard like sec sch... i think i am a person that belongs to a uniform sch with teachers chasing us for the homework... but everytime i think that i have made a wrong decision in going poly... i would have thought of how honour am i allow to go for the japan exchange program and the canoe polo... however... i could have excel in other sports too i guess... and i still miss sch uniform alot... a sense of belonging... being in poly.. the only time when i feel really proud of the sch is when i was wearing the IVP jacket.. i touch the sch badge n i feel... so proud... something which not many poly students will get to experince... i hate many poly students that just come to sch n study n just wan to get the hell out of poly asap... i feel that i should belong in a place where the sch spirit is so strong...

FRIENDS.... i bumped into one of my friends just now... he said that he was quite disappointed with friends around him... nv reach out for him when he is having a difficult time... said that many of them are so fake... i myself also thinks that i sometime i still belongs to those very kiddy days where i think that everyone will be as innocent as me... esp since this year... i really start to look at my friends n think abt them on the 2nd thought... why is everyone trying to make themselves look so DAMM BLOODY COOL when they are not... everyone is like dying to be the rich n famous... why cant we envy those ppl who lead simple n carefree life... many ppl around me do things just for their own good... cant they think for everyone! so many ppl are so afriad to stand out... they are afriad that they will fall.. they are the real weaklings... staying at their comfort zone... i think i am starting to feel fake too... time to do some soul searching...

i find that the graduation song is really really really nice... even though its like so old but who cares! its still something that is really meaningful... look back at st gabs... i realise that those ppl in my class that i think will turn bad DIDNT! in fact they are better ppl than before n vice versa... i felt that i kinda wasted my life in st gabs... everyday nothing but just study... and in i always do my hw ON TIME... yes... but i dun revise my work la just complete all my hw... nv submit hw late... hardly sleep in class... return home STR8 if i have not scouts... i dun play soccer so dun hang out with those guys.. only play basketball once a while with some guys from other class... i wasted my YOUTH! i could have continue playing rugby in sch like st andrew or barker... but i dun think i can get in st andrew with my 222 psle score... but i confirm can get into barker... i realise i can really talk to barker ppl better than other ppl... dunno why.. hahaha... but i love their sports genes man! woohoo... hahaa...

today going town to find fung n nick... then on the way saw brandon kam! hahaha bloody idiot... borrow 10cents from me to buy things that i dun like! pls la brandon! be a good boy! like me! good boy u know... anyway was really nice talking to him... its like really a long time since i really SIT DOWN n talk to him... ya need somemore catchup with him n nicolle n the rest of the gang... then on the way to town on the bus saw zhanghao!! so qiao! haha n talk to him NONSTOP... keep on talking n talking hahahaa he is a damm nice guy to talk to... hahhaa...

watch white chicks with them la... its was just ALRIGHT... not really funny... not worth 8.50... just download can liao hahaha... ok gtg sleep need to mug...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

this is someone i will die for! I LOVE MASAYA!! lots of kisses from erubin! Posted by Hello

i like this shot! so artistic! taken by me! gonna post more photo from my japan trip! Posted by Hello

me posing with QOO!! so nice! hehe... Posted by Hello

me posing with natsumi hp!! cheesy shot! Posted by Hello
I FEEL GOOD.... studying.. yeah something u wont caught me saying... thanks jianwen for jioing me go airport study! reminds me of the O level days with samuel n alvin lin studying at the old location of BK... i think the new location MAC is a great place to study too bad they close at 12! jianwen best la.. he can really study until 7++ n i was like dying n hoping to lie on my bed asap...

finally caught SINGAPORE IDOL after those auditions.... kinda disappointing... esp that JERRY ONG... oh my god... cuz i listen to perfect 10 then they keep on saying abt jerry is cute n yan dao that why he is still in the comp.. MY BLOODY ASS.... he so *PUKE* CANNOT MAKE IT LA... worst... he CANT SING for nutz... he is READING WORD BY WORD not SINGING.... oh my.. i think the reason why he still in the comp is to let audience laugh at his stupid performance... i think taufik is good... but pls! n PLS! do something to ur eyebrows PLS! cuz its making him look damm FUCKING SISSY.. u know those malay sissy or TRANS.. n he cant put make up la! can see the powder so OBVIOUS on his face... that chris lee i think he is from st gabs.. he look damm familiar.. if not wrong he is in ncc air.. dunno but i think he n maia is good... cuz both have the surname LEE! yes! we rocks just like BRUCE LEE! ha.. initially i thought daphoo is chio but i think she is ALRIGHT LA.... too much makeup... anyway i cant wait to see JERRY GET KICK OUT!

that's all folk! ACMB TMR!!! here i come!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

finally can blog after 5463127624354times clicking... i wan to change my blog addresss!!! anyway do all those extra stuff after my exam...

went to my practical yest!!! hurray i pass 2.2 in a single attempt!! woohoo!! i can do a damm nice S n crank course!!! i go so fast until the instructor damm scare of me! then this big fat malay girl she keep going up the grass patch n fall off... oh ya! damm funny initially i got this damm lousy bike with loose grip... then we have to get off our bike n listen to some instruction from the instructor... then after that we have to return to our bike... this poor chap... took my bike without knowing its mine.. n i wanted to tell him that its mine... but i didnt... i go n try his back! WOOHOO! POWER! then i dun bother changing with him muahahah!!! ya i know i damm evil but i learn something there... must take care of urself or else u will FAIL.....

went to the cafe after that... *faint* so many dishes left unwashed... lucky got perfect 10 accompany me... later on joyce came at abt 12plus... she came at the point of time when its lunchtime n everyone came rushing n ordering this n that... after all the mess then go ask her wat she wan... then i shared the baked rice n waffle with her!!! i put damm alot of cheese! ROCKS!!! then she complaint the pink monkey is in a damm huge portion n she cant finish it... hahaa....

i was like eating everything i could find to eat at the cafe! oh ya my collegue's name is also joyce... hahhaa then she gave me some cookies to eat... yummy! i love muesli cookie! almond sucks! and i broke a double scoop ice cream cup... sian.. nowadays i like to work there... quite fun.. got alot stuff to drink... if make extra smoothies just pour into a cup n drink it!!! but its making me feel damm CHEAPO! hahaa....

oh ya then there is this customer came n ask me....
man: are u still schooling?
me: ya...
man: oh so have u join any manhunt or mr teens competition???
me: er.. no?
man: why?
me: cuz i got no time?
man: so will u be interested to join one?
me: eh dunno.. quite busy also.. haha
man: oh ok.. so u will still be working here?
me: yup...
man: ok i will come back n talk to u about it...*left*

then both joyce LAUGH... damm evil... i dun wan join all these competition la... sure cannot make it one la... like how i fail those audition in the past... make me so embarrassing...

after work went to me sarah!!! hahaha talk n talk nonstop on alot of stuff... aiyo sarah dun keep thinking abt having a bf la!! relax! when it time... he will come! then she keep looking at this guy hahaa... he look damm familiar la.. look kinda like that yi yew eugene without the specs n black hair... hahaha... later on went to a cafe n sit... my initial plan with sarah was to have a coffee n just talk... but i could not get myself to order a coffee... cuz i have been making coffee the whole afternoon! damm.. then i just order a chocolate cake... make a bad choice la.. its not really nice n i went home with a throat that feels that there is something stuck there... sarah my turn to treat u after my exam!!!

i seriously need to go study... last night i just fall asleep! fuck it sia... later after work i coming home to get ready to join jianwen to study at airport... hopefully we can do it sia!

i seriously need/want/must go clubbing with all these ppl cuz i promise them!
  1. jianwen
  2. sarah, sammy
  3. shaobin, celine, jane n those sc gls...
  4. joyce
  5. the other 2 cool gabrielites, fung n nick
  6. felicia, zhenru
  7. zhanghao!
  8. brandon kam!!!
must study!! must study!! must study!! must study!! must study!! must study!! must study!!
must pass acmb!! must pass acmb!! must pass acmb!! must pass acmb!! must pass acmb!!
must pass instru!! must pass instru!! must pass instru!! must pass instru!! must pass instru!!
must pass abc!! must pass abc!! must pass abc!! must pass abc!! must pass abc!!
must pass ccta!! must pass ccta!! must pass ccta!! must pass ccta!! must pass ccta!!


Sunday, October 10, 2004

today shall blog abt CANOE!!! oh ya.. thurs damm funny! when i was the goal keeper.. then jeremy try to shoot but i block n the ball rebounce back and... HIT HIS HEAD! hahaa lucky he was wearing helmet la... then today SUN went for the star 1 thing.. also now star1 is like so short... unlike last time we have to start from 9 to 5plus la!!! we put sunblock also kanna burnt n this year the batch dun even need to put sunblock... all of them dun look chao ta la... any i GOT A FREE PAIR OF REEF SLIPPERS!!! WOOHOO!! hahaha... now i got 3pairs of REEF SLIPPERS!

smile so much... cant sprint for NUTZ! Posted by Hello

HAHA! i caught u playing with water in the boat... Posted by Hello

posing for a nice canoe shot! Posted by Hello

the angmoh that lianne, rudith n gracie is going ga ga over... NICE BUTT n back.. haha Posted by Hello

lianne n rudith doing stupid pose! Posted by Hello

a funny sign i saw while walking to national stadium... i bet shaobin will keep honking it!! hahaha Posted by Hello

me doing stern dip! Posted by Hello

i am ready SPRINT!!! Posted by Hello

here come super 7! Posted by Hello

look! ah beng bang onto peter n look at his reaction! hahaa... Posted by Hello