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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Monday, July 31, 2006

2weeks to RD
3weeks to exam
4weeks to driving tp and canoepolo national champs
9weeks to HONG KONG TRIP (still trying to get cheap tickets!)

been settling a few stuff.. been calling the mindef to let me enlist early early man i dun wanna waste my time rotting away... i rather wait after my ns... actually i am kinda looking forward to ns... i think when i in ns i wont be that busy guy like now... plan all the stuff.. my schedule is always packed weekly... seriously i am living my life to the fullest!

i planning to quit borders by next fri... i going to buy all the books that i wanna read... so many of them man!!!! hahaha i sooooo wanna go hk now man!!! and i gonna buy the cantonese learning tape n cd stuff... hahaha i need to learn some cantonese!

yeah the 11 of us... so fun... muahauhaa i wanna go KTV again! Posted by Picasa

nadia is my new best friend! we are firstly link by gen, next we love spongebob, we love spice girls and we love clubbing and we are damm gadgetty! mauhauahauah say hi to my new best friend! Posted by Picasa

vanessa is like damm funny... this pic was taken when she nearly trip over the drain while taking photo.. so natural... nice ma.. where got unglam! hahaha Posted by Picasa

this is swee lan... she won numerous awards... she was late to meet, she make us wait for her for drawing money at atm, her in toilet, and wait for traffic light alone! hahahaa but its damm funny hahahaa Posted by Picasa

i like ann's jacket! super nice! Posted by Picasa

ktving... muahauhauaha Posted by Picasa

me and the hot babes... hahaa Posted by Picasa

charmaine birthday!!! Posted by Picasa

my friend rach is canoeing!!! speedy monster!!! Posted by Picasa

C1 is sure tough shit to row man... salute to them! Posted by Picasa