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Friday, June 09, 2006


GRACE LOVE ME FOR DOING THIS FOR HER 20th BIRTHDAY!!!! i am counting down 22days for u to come back singapore! my precious darling :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 08, 2006

ok i am not missing or watever.. i am just damm busy... actually i am so glad that i delay my ns... i realise there is so much to do in life...

i am repeating one module - proteomic
part timing at borders
training for canoe polo ivp n open for nat champ 06
picking up driving n get my license before going ns...
saving for my next oversea trip :)

i left with one n only paper tmr.. cant wait for it to finish... i managed to experience how to feel to be a repeat students... just like wat all of them will say... IT SUCKS! hahaha... but i kinda miss doing my proteomic experiments in NUS... guess its still pretty interesting after all...

i am sooooo addicted into reading books nowadays... i just finished da vinci code and i gonna see how disappointing is the movie.. the book is really very captivating... hahaa pardon me for trying to sound so england-ish hahahaa... and my next book is CHASING DAYLIGHT! its selling damm fast at borders la... i cant wait to read so many other more books and tony parson got new book!!!! ok for those who are not my pri sch friends will be quite surprise that i READ... hello i DO read... but i dunno wat nice book to read... i used to read so much when i was younger until I GOT SHORT SIGHTED! cuz i read in bus alot... bad habit dun change i still read in bus.. HAHA...

i really cant wait to own a car.. hopefully a mini cooper... and i really cant wait to drive a lorry around and pick up all ur friends then place speakers at the back n blast it while traveling at orchard road! hahaha crazy shit!

yes and i decided to save all my money to go VISIT GRACE IN AUSTRALIA SYNDEY THIS SEPT! why? cuz its before going NS and after i grad and after nat champ... yup yup and if i dun go visit her... after my NS she will be back in singapore... yup yup! cant wait... and ac is saving up too!! now i recruiting all my pri sch friends to join us!!!! mauhauhauaha!