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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

i think i should have another post! like wat joshua said... u never know u might die inside the camp... some retarded might pull the pin n forgot to throw the grenade! *BOMB* hahaa.... in case i die... someone pls play my this blog song and corrinne may and damien rice songs ok... and pls help me tell my friends in japan abt me... HAHA...
its 624am... i am not sleeping.. post-zouk still left me very dizzy... but it was great partying all nite with my canoe mates... yeah u guys rock!! hahaa... but somehow i got a very bad headache by 2am.. my mother keep on nagging n scolding me for spending so much money on clothes... cuz i bought like tons of clothes from HK... its like i got 7 new t-shirts,5singlets, 2shorts, 1jeans, 2jackets, a bag and a trunk! and yeah another slippers...

HK is just like the advert... buy n eat... got nothing to see there.. seriously.. dim sum is really good n cheap n the sales ppl there are very nice with very good customer service... its almost on par with japan! singapore is like still far far far far away... if u ever want to go HK pls do NOT go CHUNGKING MANSIONS and better to avoid hostel... fucking hostel... cheat me... posted pics of the rooms that is not wat i see there! SCAM! i guess u can only trust JAPAN HOSTEL... anyway its a learning experience... however i think i should just fly to japan for holiday instead... i really love JAPAN man...

NS is like tmr.. hahaa and i have not pack my stuff... well good luck to me... hope i dun cry over things that i forgot to pack in... hahaa...argh i hope i dun get to buddy with someone who will keep ranting n irritating loser shit... guess this is my last post... will see u guys few weeks later... meanwhile just keep tagging my blog!!! remember to sms me if u all miss me! cuz i miss u all!!! my phone will be something i look forward everynite... :)

i got a kiss from nicole... wooo Posted by Picasa

wow its getting HOT N WILD IN ZOUK WITH PERFORMANCE BY J&J (JOSHUA & JOYCE) hahahaa... Posted by Picasa

steve/ah zui he is the best!!! he is damm funny! hahaha Posted by Picasa

my twinie... Posted by Picasa

give us TIGER! Posted by Picasa

yeah!!! we still got HAIR!!!! just before NS... hahaha Posted by Picasa

hahaha i love this pic! we are pathetic but i like... hahahhaaa Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

the night view of HK behind us.... must use tripod to get clear n nice photo like this!!!! thanks to me man... Posted by Picasa

flying on JETSTAR ASIA :) Posted by Picasa

the day view of the harbour behind us! Posted by Picasa

me and lynn lynn!!!! Posted by Picasa

at sogo supermarket! alot jap food n drinks Posted by Picasa

our super fancy room! Posted by Picasa

FUCK LA! Posted by Picasa

me and ac at CHUNGKING MANSION... Posted by Picasa

the ang moh came in between me n tian cai... hahahha so sneaky... Posted by Picasa

eat u all!!!! Posted by Picasa

dim sum.... where are u.... Posted by Picasa

i love siew mai.... Posted by Picasa

their mango pudding! so nice!!! Posted by Picasa

HK also have ST MARGS! Posted by Picasa

look at how bad the buildings are... can HK government go renovate them?!!?!? its like OMG... i dun think u can find any in singapore... even the worst building in singapore also much nicer than this! Posted by Picasa

i love this dessert store!!! gimme the energy to shop even more! Posted by Picasa

at the clubbing area in HK... looks like holland V hahaha... Posted by Picasa

me n ac... one of our many many silly photos Posted by Picasa