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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 like any other years... had its up n down.. the year start off quite badly cuz i found my uni friends backstab me over project work.. horrible ppl... deleted them off facebook.. we are not friends anymore... you lose friends you gain friends... with later part of the year.. my SIM Canoe Polo club expanded with a lot wonderful junior guys and girls... and they played an important part in uni life..

for canoe polo... finally broke the bronze curse for IVP... but very upset with the girls that they didnt get any medal at all for ivp.. we cant maintain a clean sweep medal record for SIM canoe polo history.. oh well... its mean 2.5yrs for SIM Canoe Polo and the club really grow from nothing to something... its still at its baby stage... need more support.. in 11days i will be stepping down.. time to pass down.. hopefully they dun forget who the founder is :)

as for studies... one last semester in SIM.. gonna enjoy my time as student.. kinda miss mugging for exams.. i spent more time studying in SMU than in SIM campus! haha... i just want to grad smoothly and have my convo in 2011 july :) and play my final IVP in aug.. hopefully can get Gold for IVP... and i still really really wanna go for my europe exchange program and be able to train for IVP...

i hope year 2011 i will get to meet up with friends that i have not met up during the whole of 2010... and i hope to meet someone special :)