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Saturday, November 22, 2008

such a pity that i have not read any jodi picoult's book.... she is really an amazing writer so i gonna start reading after i finish paulo coelho's ZAHIR..... meanwhile i shall indulge with her quotes....

PS: i am suppose to read macroeconomic book!!! anyone have macroeconomic book pls lend me! thank you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

this sun will be 1yr anniversary for the 5 dragonboaters... i will be attending the memorial service n i am suppose to give a speech on reuben... i am trying to work on it... cant believe 1yr just pass by so quickly... and i miss u reuben

my funky classmates..... wooooo

my st gabs classmate's irritating sister!!!! DAWN KHOOOOOOOO! hahahah

the focus is on me! the photo crasher! hahahaa



this how the food taste like...... SPICY!!!! hahaha.... but the food is really really very gooood!!! i like!!!

nabilah can anyhow camwhore anywhere and anytime with anyone with anything...

yan yi n samir went dating... hahaha

julin so evil!!! just laugh at kester n left him alone to clean the floor!

vanessa at her best! TABOO! hahaha

wat is the short form of apologise?
van: SORRRY!!!

correct ans is: apology...

wat is that scary book call!!!
van: encyclopedia!!!

correct ans: goosebumps!

wat do u get at every end of the month!!!
van: PERIOD!!

correct ans: pay check....


preparing the cake!!!

my birthday!! yeah!!! nabilah!!! stop crashing into my photo can!!! irritating!!!

yes van.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U.... why u look so sad! ahahaha

actually we are celebrating sujana's 31st birthday in advance!!! how sweet are we huh!!! as sweet as the chocolate!

her fellow 31yrs old girls... hahahaha

nabilah taking tissue.... gonna give to aisha cuz.....

aisha is playing around with stray cats under HDB flats.... hahahha

joshua dammmm funny... took bus with him to town then he suddenly just sleep like that! ask me to send the photos to STOMP! wtf!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


xue er didnt really celebrate her birthday this year... hahaha and zixin is finally back from germany after 1.5yr plus!? and she seriously look like corrinne may! hahaha....

get ready for our pri sch xmas gathering this yr :)  ho ho ho!

the 3 of us.... AC pang seh us sia!

i hate zixin.. she is freaking tall la! and wear heels somemore...

me n xue er.... 15yrs of friends.... yeah know her since we were 7! hahaha... time flies huh...

picture perfect! zixin with black hair, xue er with dye n highlighted hair and me with my brown hair :)

after that head down to the east to junfeng's house for a mini party.... 

every time when i am on the train to the east... i just got this nostalgic feeling... missing something in the east... its funny how west side ppl always say that the east ppl are weird then east ppl say west ppl are weird too... hahaha... and i stay in the north... having experience different part of singapore... i just think that all of u are just being crazy! haha... my pri sch is in the east... most of my relatives stay in the east... pretty much of my childhood was spent in the east.... so yeah.... i felt so random to talk abt this hahahahhahaa

anyway the party was fun... seeing them play taboo was really entertaining hahaha... then watch some short films n seriously... make up can make a guy very pretty!! hahaha.... dunno why eddee took pic with his mouth open SOOOO WIDE! hahaha

thanks to those who are contributing or contributed to PROJECT M..... I LOVE U MANY MANY!!! and for those against PROJECT M... FUCK OFF BEFORE I CHOP U WITH MY PADDLE......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FINALLY MAMBO!!! wooooohooooo!!!! SWEET!

having my beer n hokkien mee before mamboing.... SONG BO!!!! EXAMS OVER!!!

my group mates... julin n weeeeeee kian!

hmmmmm....... i saw the whole RMIT-SIM students in zouk... sian bo!

my fun loving lecture mates..... with our long island tea!

woooo.... nabilah suddenly stripped at the dancefloor! ahhahaha....

bunch of crazy girls....


guess wat.... that is freaking not julin's hand la!! its nabilah!!! she hand is crashing everyone's photo!!! ahahaha

just check this out.... it seems like vanessa is hugging me! but its not!!! its nabilah freaky hand again la!!! left hand no red nails but right one have.... WTF!!! nabilah is scarying us!

the cashflow boardgame facilitators!!! minus yan yi!! hahahaha

this photo is damm funny... and nabilah action reminds me of TOKYO! movie... hahahaha... TOKYO! is a nice movie! i think its over already hahahaha....

all u fucking high ppl!!! 

nabilah and her CRUSH! hahahaa... dammm funny la... she kept shouting out loud that sebastian is damm cute... wtf sia...

our lecture mates :)

this is a video of nabilah nagging at everyone!!!!
*warning* she is as naggy as ur mother... watch at ur own risk!!!

mambo again tmr!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my grades for my common tests n projects.... my fin service customer one i did study n got distinction... kinda happy but i could have done alot better... the fin serv industry test i only pass... haha i only study the morning before the paper because the day before was nat champs final!!! booo....  then the rest of my projects is done by me n joanne while the rest of the 4 members just shake their legs n do nothing.... i want to go on strike already... if my next sem group is still the same ppl... all these parasites are leeching my marks off from my HD (high dist)... CCB!

i guess after my diploma stage 1 i might seriously go to other uni in aussie... boooooo..... aus uni fee is increasing like nobody biz each year... tamade.... 
Post Exam Lunch

our lecture usual gang ppl... out for lunch together!!! yeah!!! we were taking a class photo... so fast gonna grad huh! hahaha... and vanessa never join us... i think she as usual... very high already then went home HAHA

everybody pls take a feedback form and rate aisha's service ok!!!

we were at swenson... expensive n small portion of food.... SUCKS

but YEAH!!! we gonna watch high school musical 3 later!!!!

sneak preview of the party....... to the actual party!!!!