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Saturday, September 22, 2007

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY NAT!!! yeah now we can watch RA movie together legally!! hahaa... and i think everytime me nat jon took photo is nicer than we take one by one... right!?

its been damm long since i see alll of them.... most of them are from diff class... they from 4e1 i am from 4e2.... but almost half of them is from my low sec classes... benjamin chay i have not see him for almost 5 long years!!! he is still funny as usual... really damm funny... oh man... we all must hang out more often man!!!

so at nat's bday... my pri sch friends were there tooo! i know kai xin know nat... but i didnt know skinny monkey (right) know nat tooo!! yes its been more than 7yrs i nv see her!!! i always call her skinny monkey in pri sch until now i still dunno her real name!!! hahahhaa i bet she miss me calling her skinny monkey!!! reason why i call her that is cuz that.... during pri 4 she did a skit n during the skit she was called skinny monkey so then on i keep calling her that! hahahaah..... oh man! i have not see alot ppl for a long long time ma!!! how i wish i have more time to meet everyone!!!!

HAPPY 23rd Birthday LTA JONATHAN CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! since u dun want any present... so i made this photo comic for U! pls bring this along with u to states n next if i kanna any sports injury pls provide FREE treatment ok! hahaha

u've been a great senior/friend!!!

went to waseda high sch with robynne,gim,kylie n yao!!! i wonder when's the last time i am there....

went to put on the japs uniform... dun u think its damm nice! hahaha but we got 10mins limit... hahaha the girls change DAMM DAMM SLOW CAN.... sian tiao...

alright i saw this n i burst into laughter... haahha its one of the room of games... so funny lor... dun kick the ghost hahaha...

alright... this is my long lost girlfriend... anyone found him pls return back to me... ya right hahaha.... i saw this photo on the wall n i just cant stop laughing...

the girl beside me is half jap half ang moh la... so cute huh... jap open house damm fun unlike locals one....

dun u simply love tako pachi!!! especially those BIG ones!! oishiiiiii ne!!!!!!! *GOOD*

CONGRATS TO ANN SIAO MEI!!! they finally broke the relay records!!!

siao mei preparing to cut her hair... she should shave botak so that she can run EVEN faster! hahaha

went to eat beancurd wors... damm nice la... n its not crowded... you tiao was cold... haiz not nice... before that the wanton mee rocks hor siao mei! hahahaa oei siao mei! go eat bean curd again soon! hahaha

adeline with her NAME TAG.... her name tag for her classes at SMU! so cute la! its like so secondary sch!! hahahhaa

Sunday, September 16, 2007

NP & SP MEN IVP 2007

Online Videos by

This is wat i call.... friendly n healthy competition :)
ben.... stop acting cute la!!!

PS: youtube cant seem to publish the vids hence i re-upload to another webby...