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Saturday, January 07, 2012

剛剛才從我讀的《幸福便當時間》里,我找到了我為何想開便當店的念頭!中野恒男提到 “ 所謂的便當我認為是兩個人一起吃的東西,做便當的人和吃便當的人,兩個人。從感受到做便當的人的心情,產生感恩的想法。” 希望在不久的將來能為大家做我親手自作的幸福便當,讓人從便當里吃出愛~! ♥

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!! Resolution for 2012!

Happy New Year Everyone~!!!!

Been so busy with Xmas gathering with all my friends... and some I failed to meet up :(
it's been a great 2011.... though i was really upset over failing one module but in the end i still managed to graduate from SIM!! yeah~!! finally got my degree... sooooo happy... i wanna do my master soon! maybe 2013.. haha time to take a break and focus on my Japanese language!

Year 2011... I stepped down from SIM Canoe Polo Presidency and Captaincy.. I had 2 international competition... one in Liverpool, UK and one in Taipei, Taiwan.... Awesome huh... to have so many competition in a year!!

I had my most awesome backpack trip ever... Eurobin Trip 2011!!! I travelled to a few European countries.. (yes i have yet to upload all on my blog! sooooo lazy.....) hahaha... Made some new friends along the way and I really love the summer school program in Nyerode Business University!!! My friends are all so awesome!!!! i really miss them... i am glad that most of them are from Eastern Europe and it gives me a reason to visit Eastern Europe and THEM!!!! Wonder when I will get the chance to visit Eastern Europe!

Got into a job that I love.... awwww... i really enjoy every single day of training... can't wait for training to be over and start working hard!

Year 2012 is the year for me to really tidy up my room and clear all the nonsense stuff... gonna be a santa claus and start giving my stuff away! some old clothes been with me for almost 7yrs + must really throw/give away....

Like I said earlier on... I really wanna focus on my Japanese language and start picking up Korean and another European language! From Feb onwards, I wanna slowly draft out my business plan... its way over due!!!! I really can't wait to set up my Bento shop!!! Still have yet to figure out the name of the shop hahahaa....

Year 2012 I wanna have abs! haha... not any younger to be fat! LOL... I guess probably National Champs this year will be my final canoepolo competition? I am not quitting... I am just taking a break... My life is going through a transition just like how I ORD-ed and going into university life....

My busy life in 2011 really neglected some of the friends that I didn't managed to meet! 2012 I will go find you all ok!!! :)

Dear readers... i shall try to blog more often ok! Will be on the move most of the time... my macbook air gonna be very close to me <3

I shall leave u all with my fav song of 2011! ENJOY~!!!