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Saturday, September 09, 2006

i miss japan! Posted by Picasa
i wanna get famous in blogging! hahaa cuz i think alot ppl's blog are freaking boring.. yeah u ppl think my blog rocks that is why u all keep coming back right!!! hahaa pls tag more!

just read the polo forum.. aiyo.. cant believe ppl older than me by a few yrs old still quarrel over the forum... like come on... even u apologise for like a million times.. wat's done is done... no point crying over spilled milk right... and for those dumb dumb pls... its cheer and jeer is part n parcel in every sports for the audiences... its just like, happy and sad, positive n negative, if u freaking cant stand ppl jeer at ur own sch or team.. then dun play... sport is not just being physically fit but mentally fit! use ur single-cell-brain and think more leh...

anyway i am selling my samsung Z540 for $450 its like brand new condition so ya msg me if ya interested!

xiaxue blog is so argh... un-interesting... if u think she is pretty... oh pls... scroll down my blog and look at BoA video pls... she is MUCH PRETTIER! stupid xiaxue talked abt ppl putting that turtle thing on msn nick... she only have 4 ppl with that turtle on their nick in her contact list n she like make a big fuss like come on.. i think i have more than u like at 4 x 4 = 16 ppl at least on my contact that has the turtle thingy... or is it ppl BLOCK u that is why u see only 4! HAHAHA and hello ur new hair extention looks like barbie dolls hair so fake until it looks terrible *puke*

wanna learn cantonese? watch this! eng and chinese subtitle! hahaha "i should have patted on ur head!" hahahaaa DIE OLD MAN DIE! tiu lei lou mou...
on tues... nadia went to do her fortune telling... WHOA! its freaking true man... so on thurs... i went to do my fortune telling... so this is wat master khor said:

*u are very intelligent.. u are a thinker but sometimes u THINK TOO MUCH!

*you are a sexy guy, so ur girlfriend have to be very sexy.. hahhaaa (because u are a thinker, when u like a girl u will comes up with alot reasons if she should be ur girlfriends....) [very true.. that's why u dun see me with any girl.. hahaa i shall start to not think too much hahaa]

*u will go into business! (aiyo he so damm true la.. how he know i want to take biz in uni? wau lau eh... he said i will make a lot money in future! that's why i am reading rich dad poor dad!)

*u have heart and eyes problems... (wau lau true! sometime my heart got some sharp pain but its once in awhile and my eyes ya i wear contacts and my eyes get super dry easily!!! he advise me to wear sunglasses more often when going out! aiyo.. so if i wear dun say i poser! haha)

*u like to travel alot and u are willing to spend money on urself on cd, book, clothes... (wau so true.. self-explainatory so ya..)

*u are a very nice person... but most of the time u are nice to the wrong kind of person! and u get furious cuz those ppl dun appreciate ur kindness! (oh my so damm true! how many of u think that way? touch ur heart n say!)

*u love children alot/u will have alot of children! (wau this is so damm true! he cant be guessing it cuz alot guys i dun think they love kids like I DO! i gonna be the nicest daddy in the world :)

*u will get married at 32 or 33 i cant remember but that's old for me! but he said i married so old cuz i am a thinker keep on think n think.. hahaha alright i shall stop thinking and get married now! (u dun get the joke, u should just go bang urself)

*when u die.. u die of a very sudden death! means kanna accident, heart attack or those way that u will die very fast! hahaa... well if i dunno how i die.. its true then! cuz if i know that i am dying... then its not... if u dun understand.. u really have very low intelligence... pls study more to be stupid ok!

zoo outing is fun! hahaha aiya as usual... the usual ppl pang seh us... hahaha but nvm got the cutie nicholas out with us! aiyo i really really love kids alot leh! somehow after a couple of hrs of walk i felt super tired n sleepy... the zoo really changed alot man! i really have no impression of all the stuff and i think zoo is freaking BIG hahaa... my fav animal gotta be kangaroo! woo! hahaa

i just had a sad dream during my nap... i dreamt that i drove some kinda of car (yeah! i own a car woo!) with both my bros n mother to some building drove to the top and i park the car... and my japanese friend miho is with me and she leaving singapore soon.. then miho asked me (yes in japs.. first time dreamt in japanese language!) when are you gonna be what you are? then i was like i really dun understand wat she meant but i understand what she is talking about! somehow i just cried on her shoulder and she cried too... we sort of at the roof top.. like so japanese drama scenario... cry n cry and she said again, "alvin when are u gonna be what u gonna be?" and i REALLY DUNNO!!! so i cry until i woke up... do u call it weird or sad or wat? i have no idea..

aiyo!!! kids are just sooooo adorable... how i wish i can work at the same place at yao!! blessed with lovely cute children everyday!!!! I WANT KIDS!!! MANY MANY KIDS! Posted by Picasa

nicholas so cute!!! ah!!! 10 times younger than me! I AM OLD... REAL OLD... Posted by Picasa

WE ARE THE NEW CROCO HUNTER!!!! Posted by Picasa

the kangaroo look stoned.. hahha Posted by Picasa

that is retarded joyce... trying to be a "july ghost" hahaa... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

GOODBYE BOAT 7 AND PLAYER 7... SEE YA SOON... Posted by Picasa

the st gabs dudes!!!! ronald going NS next month, hanwei going this fri and sandip flying off to UK next wed and willy still around!!!! sandip pls bring us to nepal 2yrs later ok!!! hahahaha his stories abt nepal is so damm interesting!!! Posted by Picasa

the upcoming HK trip khakis without HL... Posted by Picasa

my ever beautiful BoA singing my fav song "everlasting" look at the pretty tokyo tower!!! have u seen it? muahauhaah I SAW IT!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

finally... the 4 commitment that i had is finally over... work, study, driving and canoepolo... all end in the same month... NOW I AM FREE!!!!! wooo! i decided to stop playing canoepolo for awhile n take a break... just like wat sun yan zi said... a rest is need to prepare for a tougher and longer journey ahead... so ya... guess i shall return back to nat champ 2yrs later stronger, better and much more prepared... good bye to all my polo friends!

more or less my sept is quite well planned... counting down to my HK trip... will be flying off in 25days! cant wait man! and i have not even started my cantonese learning program hahaha! i better draw up a time table for me... oct n nov is quite empty...

Alvin's short term goals...
*clear my room
*learn cantonese
*design my website
*meet up with my old friends
*plan my future HAHA
*read all the books i bought from borders!
*refurnish my room

\\ actually i love canoe polo too much to quit... so its just break ok! i'll be back baby! my paddle is finally rest in peace at my house now... HAHA //

i think this is sooooo damm funny! the baby panda sneeze n scare the shit out of the mother!