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Monday, December 21, 2009


The other day my cousin, Joanna called... she asked me and my mother to help to host her taiwanese friend she met in australia... so we did! SAY HELLO TO AH JIE! :)

So i invited some friends along! it's ah jie's first time in singapore! and he LOVE IT!!! he sooooo amazed by singapore... hahaha

we walked past world of sports... and i told ah jie that jo's father owns it! he was like REALLY! hahaha so we took this and tag jo in the photo! hahhaa...

brought him to see merlion! hehehe i think the whole world all very fascinated by merlion.. hahaa... thru out the whole evening we kept talking abt alot stuff... was really fun n interesting to hang out with him.... however he is only have 1 nite here in singapore cuz he transit here from brisbane and heading to taiwan via SIA... i told him next time must really stay longer and we will go club!!!

we went timbre... and my mother really havoc can! hahaha ah jie can really drink!!! and u know my mother she was like... " I DUN DRINK BEER... I DRINK STOUT ONLY" wa... so proud! stout its soooo disgusting!!!! hahaha... ah jie really enjoyed the whole trip especially with the company of my mother... hahaha... and when he left... my mother said he hug her tighter than any of her sons... WATEVER MOTHER!!! hahaa.... we will go taiwan 2 find u....

i cant wait to go taiwan and i can name my album as WELCOME 2 TAIWAN! hahahah
Xue er's Belated birthday!!! :)

i like the menu... very interesting layout.... btw this is HAND BURGER!!!

xue er got wat she wanted... a photo collage done by urs truly.... GRACE & ALVIN :) soooo nice right~!!!

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! the other side also!!! tsk tsk... me and grace talented right!!! muahauhuahauha.... i should hint hint also huh... I ALSO WANT ONE!!!

so i ordered my dory fish burger!!! its.... not bad lor... hahaha

its just interesting... food taste... like that lor... taste like burger? hahah seriously i think carl's junior is better and cheaper and bigger portion!

i like this cool tomato... inside is stuffed with something... hahhaa

grace & yao :)

feeeding the hungry birthday girl!!! hahahahh

wei jian ordered tandorrriiiii chicken!! hahaha not bad...

HAPPY 23rd Birthday XUE ER!!!

my bangkok khakis!! hahaha... besties :)

aiyo... xue er... so heartless... celebrate her birthday yet she trying to "backstab" me.... tsk tsk....