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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

this is the NIKE AD U ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! i look horrible because i have to force myself to smile n OPEN my eyes wide with the sun facing me! Posted by Picasa

this pic soooooo nice right? hahaha yeah hope they use it for NP newsletter or something :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

before i fly off i should entertain u all with this video... ONLY IF U UNDERSTAND HOKKIEN THEN ITS FUNNY... HAHA

Monday, September 25, 2006

tmr will be my last day doing relief teaching... its been a great experience and a culture shock to teach in a neighbourhood sch... guess i shall try relief teaching at SSS (single sex school) after my NS... finally saw ann's bro in the sch hahaha... and ya u know wat is my new rumour in school?

I AM 25! (i just tell whoever ask me how old am i that i am 25!)
I AM ENGAGED! (ya to who huh?)
I LIVE IN WOODLAND (ya quite near but try harder pls!)
I just grad from NUS (ya i wish! i have not even complete my NS)

today i went to 2E1 which is suppose to be the better express class... and they are suppose to write a letter to pen pal so its damm obvious that its an informal letter... so one of the points to be mention in the letter is that u are suppose to bring ur pen pal to a place that is not a tourist kind of place and yet interesting n fun n stuff.... so i was suggesting IKEA... guess wat... this 2 dumb girls said... HUH? go ikea for wat? eat furniture huh? i was like... OMG... for whoever sake... who the hell eat furniture and u never go ikea before! there's like cafe n the ice cream n hot dogs are damm nice la... talking abt boring singapore... how about we talk abt boring SINGAPOREANS! aiyo get a life girls... and alot of them dunno where the hell is CHOMP CHOMP! wau piang eh... i think maybe they are from malaysia huh...

i just calculated... i did 7days relief teaching which is 7x$65= $455!!! i just earn enough to spend for my HK trip! how good can it be! i love my life! wooohooo!!! CANT WAIT TO GO HK!

i miss sandip, alex, willy ong and hanwei!!! when will the losers unite again!!! hahahaa sandip the worst one la... only will see him at least 2yrs later... unless i fly to UK find him... hahahaa Posted by Picasa