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Saturday, April 01, 2006

*its fucking cold playing canoe polo in japan
*sakura exprience only share with NP ppl muahauhauah!
*haji pang seh me again... twice already and i want to continue counting haha
*i bought damm nice adidas shirt for $30 and damm nice onitsuka tiger shoes for like $75.. how fucking cheap is cheap... now..who say its damm ex in tokyo? u just gotta stick with the PRO..... everyone pls start saving up... we go japan together ok!!! hahahaha
*i found out from taka that kobe beef is made famous cuz of a basketball player's father name him kobe! how sad...
*its freaking dry in japan.. i am applying moisturiser like a girl...
*taka & jun bring me around roppongi... fucking nice place like europe like that... and i saw the whole night view of tokyo... FUCKING NICE!!!
*olympus night shot is seriously FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD!!! wait till i upload my pics next week... the hostel computer here is not that good...

Friday, March 31, 2006

*still freaking cold.
*went tsujiki, odaiba, yokohama and akihabara today
*haji suppose to come out to meet me but he didnt
*found nice levis wallet n t-shirts
*got some capsule for mel but its not mickey mouse or any nice disney characters!
*i am super tempted to get a jap phone
*i bought heating pack to keep my damm feet warm!!
*cherry blossom is blooming everywhere!!!
*printer ink here is much cheaper than in JAPAN!
*160GB hard disk is less than SG$200
*canoepolo tmr!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

after 4times in JAPAN// FINALLY landed in tokyo!!
sorry for weird typing if there is any!!!

summarize for today..
*mac breakfast is horrible at terminal 1
*thai airline food is bad too
*i bought wrong train ticket
*i met haji n jun
*my phone cant be use in japan.. guess something with the firmware
*freezing cold here...
*my total luggages add up to 30+kg... KILL ME PLS!
*cant wait to play polo!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

*phew* 95% done with my packing... this is like the worst packing ever... my mother keep digging out gifts to give like everyone in japan... call her mama santa claus pls... aiyo.. i am bringing more gifts to japan than my own clothes la...i really hope i wont die halfway walking to my hostel... and guess wat... i wont be giving out these presents so fast yet only later part of it...

its been so long since i really type for my blog... nowadays just upload pics instead.. argh... life is crazy! went training today... i am so freaking red now.. gym was great but the warm up was a killer.. benson made us do those legs exercise wau.. later i cannot walk around japan i KILL him ah.. hahaa... gonna miss all of u!! *muackz* hahahaha

everybody thanks for ur concern :) i am going japan not africa so i will still be able to go online! dun worry abt me... there is computer in japan.. dun worry i will type in english and not japs ok! anything pls email me at or i prefer to use email via gmail.. i am really counting down to go japan man!! cant wait!!! i wonder how will i be when i return back...

for your information:
30/3 ~ 3/4: tokyo
4/4 ~ 9/4: osaka
10/4 ~ 11/4: fukuoka
12/4 ~ 13/4: Kitago (Miyazaki)
14/4 ~ 16/4: tokyo
17/4: nikko in day/sendai at night
18/4 ~ 19/4: Hokkaidou
20/4 ~ 21/4: tokyo
22/4 --> BACK!!!

TAKE CARE PPL!! check out my blog for more updates! my next entry onwards will be from JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

this is yilian! the most funniest lab staff ever!!! super funky n friendly... mauhauahauaha.... THANK YOU YILIAN!!! Posted by Picasa

me and Ian... he leaving the lab!!! cuz no one like to work in a lab environment!!! boring wat... he going to be planet fitness instructor!!! woooooo.... he gonna get me n yao a part time job there!!! cant wait man!!! mauhauahauaha! Posted by Picasa

having lunch at NUS with yao.. let me recommand u my fav! japanese food and fruity drinks at engineering canteen!! rocks!!! Posted by Picasa

I DREW THIS! Posted by Picasa

i am a tourist! hahaha Posted by Picasa

resting at S2 garden... Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

benjamin really look like stephen chow! hahahaa... look at the cheeky face and i look like MAGGIE CHEUNG!!!! ho ho! go and play! Posted by Picasa

muahauahaua... i look like aung san suu kyi!! muahuaha... and gracie look like ZHANG ZIYI! WOOO Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 26, 2006

BBQ at joyce place... of course with lots more ppl but we are the last survivors!!! the rest had stomache after eating the food... so they left early... Posted by Picasa

they looks like CHARLIE's ANGELS hahahahahahaha the BBQ version Posted by Picasa

i only have these much money for japan trip... gimme more pls! Posted by Picasa

went settlers with the les after essential brew... game of life is fun but i am so poor all the time!!! jiazhen is the richest! Posted by Picasa

me with samuel wong... my scout mate/kitago mate/classmate he borrow my nice black adidas bag! so if u caught anyone carry it its HIM! boo! Posted by Picasa

met up with les... and samuel wong.. hahaha... yup my catching up with friends plan is still on... however i am fully booked from now till before i leave for japan... book me after japan ya? Posted by Picasa

shaobin is damm chio now! hahaha... my oreo girl slim down ALOT! hahahaha lucky girl! got a digi cam from his bf la! Posted by Picasa

she is such a liar lor... i saw her in real life.. her boobs where got BIG? she said in the report that she have to photoshop her boobs smaller to post on her blog... like HELLO! if u have big boobs then just freaking hell show it... which girl will make their boobs smaller unless she is a BUTCH RIGHT? hello... think before u talk can... i think she photoshop her mouth smaller more like it lor... Posted by Picasa

can u freaking hell believe that DAMIEN RICE is having a one nite concert in singapore on the day i leaving for japan! FREAK!!! i want to bloody hell go la! wau lau... i super like damien rice man!!!! Posted by Picasa

went to the super alumni chalet/jinlong farewell on sat after pool slot... i was so so super tired n having flu... the sun killed me! and the guy in the pic who want to unleash his dragon is my dear president who like to pop up in every single pics i took Posted by Picasa