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Saturday, December 04, 2004

dammm long nv blog... finally... let me start off with the ending of SITEX show... well congrats to KAREN!! she won the MJU MINI!!! everything is finally over... at 8.15pm on sunday i wasnt on the mood to continue to work... was talking to this really nice auntie... we seriously talk about everything!!! she said something very true... photographer are people who are very sentimental... someone who know how to capture n cherish that special moment... then she said something funny too... she said.. if only there is a perfect camera that have everything u wan.. then u wont waste time shopping wont waste money buying on wrong stuff... but have u ever think that if that happens... wont it be very boring? cuz u lost the meaning of SHOPPING! hahaa... and everyone having the same camera.. SO BORING... so its good to have a variety of things to choose from!!!

well tues was my 5.1 practical lesson!! damm fun!! i get to play on the bike stimulator!!! it feels so real but damm the machine... when i wan to turn it lock n dun let me turn.. purposely cuz me to bang the person! hahaha anyway was pillion riding this malay guy! i keep on focus on making sure that i wont fall or else he also kanna injuries... then i end up miss out my course route! hahaha... then later he pillion me... wau! damm power... damm smooth ride sia!! but damm funny cuz i was sitting so close to him la... hahaha... anyway i pass my theory evaluation!!! HURRAY!!! but i book my theory test n forgot to attend!! kao.. wasted $6 n now i have to delay everything... or else i could get my license earlier!!! now i left 1 theory test... 4 practical lessons to pass and the last traffic police test before i get my license!!!!! cant wait!!!

i decided to stop working at my cafe liao... next semester going to be very busy... now i have to start planning on this marathon thingy which will take place in april but its a long planning thing... and i have to start to double up my training as jan have competition SRRR at SP!! come support NGEE ANN!! then just after the comp.. will have exam n chinese new year n then AGM then have sprinting IVP then exam again then my event... in between all these there will be alot of projects!!! can u ppl see how busy am i gonna be!? i need my vespa soon... pls!

my new semester resolution....
1. revise my work often... during my bus ride n cut down online time...
2. try to go n run after sch... i going to bring track shoes everyday!
3. try to wear specs more often.. my eyes going to die... cuz the contacts is drying my eyes!
4. sit with princess in lecture cuz he is a great help!
5. must score well for every little small test!
6. scribble tons of notes around my notes!
7. get plenty of rest so that when i have more rest.. i can study better!

things that i NEED:
1. new paddle
2. vespa
3. change hp...
4. new clothes esp. pants
5. new pair of shoes

things that i WANT
1. dog
2. PS2
3. adidas jacket or tracksuit
4. nike dunk

things that i need n want have diff meaning! hahaha... want doesnt mean i need! hahaha... need means i really need it! hahaha... anyway... caps expedition was quite fun!! took alot nice pics! n i should stay away from SDBA... that place is making me GAY sia... those dragonboaters are so hunky n nice body la... ok i know this sounds damm gay but seriously i like their bods.. their legs.. their BUTTS! OPS... hahaha... ok tues go ZOUK ACJC PARTY!!! come join me!!!