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Thursday, April 07, 2005

thanks for all the NACC all of u!!! even though the turnout is not so good and the whole day there isnt many ppl around n felt so empty n tons of stuff happen like the super heavy rain near to the end of the race, some misunderstanding among the marshalls n participants but we all learnt a very valuable lesson from each other is... TEAM WORK... yup... thanks :) Posted by Hello

thank you all you participants.... Posted by Hello

the sprinters Posted by Hello

participants.... Posted by Hello

my dear F&B Posted by Hello

my dear logistics Posted by Hello

my publicity, secretary, treasurer and time keepers... Posted by Hello

isn't shears bridge pretty at nite? Posted by Hello

the two sweet little gay boys... Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

my dear friend miho... she is going back japan and going fukuoka university to study english chinese and make up! its a 2 year course... guess the next time i see her will be 2 years... its been almost 4 years since we met... yeah from the exchange program with kitago junior high sch... its how amazing time flies.. she love singapore just like how i love japan... its been great knowing her... wish u all the best and my mother love u alot... please do drop by soon... BYE BYE MIHO... I MISS U!!! Posted by Hello

miho and her bf!!! hahaha Posted by Hello

who wants to buy flower from miho?? Posted by Hello

this picture damm cute la... hahaha look at both of their expression... hahaha Posted by Hello

miho is such a natural actress la!!! she requested to take photo with mr ronald mcdonald!!! she is damm cute!!! hahaha Posted by Hello

kan pai!!! Posted by Hello

special effect! Posted by Hello

indochine!!! Posted by Hello

welcome to HO HO HO cafe.. MIHO and ALVIN will be serving u today... PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED! Posted by Hello

my brand new adidas shoes @ $109!!! i like it!! Posted by Hello

on our way home! Posted by Hello

can u find miho?? Posted by Hello

japan team photo looks so nice n orderly... Posted by Hello

this jacket is damm nice i going to get miho mother to send to me! Posted by Hello

miho high sch sports day!! so cool la and i miss sports day badly! Posted by Hello

well hope u found miho correctly!!!! Posted by Hello