Tuesday, December 14, 2010


so far.. it's my 3rd day here and i'm loving every moment here... but the wifi here keep getting cut off... i dunno what the officials are trying to do... they should provide wifi for everyone to use... i guess only singaporeans are complaining cuz we are too used to be connected everywhere... anyway... as usual... i just LOVE THAI FOOD!!! i cant really take spicy food but i dun care... JUST WHACK!! hahaha i'm getting FAT... been eating alot everyday... so every night i try to do 100 sit-up, 100 push-up and 100 dips.. hope it helps to counter all the sins i consume everyday hahaa....

the thais here are very friendly... i hope to learn some basic thai from this trip... and some of them have english name.. so interesting... today the football boys are having their very 1st match! all the best to them!! half of the singapore contingent is here!!!