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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Canoepolo.blogspot exclusive interview with Daryl Pan!

daryl is on cleo 50 bachelors!!! Pls vote for him! no.42..... this isnt the best pic taken... so i posted nicer pic for daryl! *scroll down* (OEI DARYL U OWE ME ONE!)

i cant believe the girl said that... she so slutty can! all my friends read it all want to puke! she so despo... aiyo! this yr cleo magz publicise the guys as if they are porn star... but its ok daryl is really a porn star wat! (RIGHT! daryl! hahaa..) not bad like quite interesting using this theme... attract more attention... and actually cleo dun really need publicity la... every year also got ppl talk abt cleo bachelors...anyway they want to set the record for the most number of people on a bed... ya ya so go sleep with all the hot guys... its 3 march... for more details... GO BUY CLEO LA!

find out more abt daryl at
hp no: 93563982 (ya right)

Exclusive photo from Daryl Pan for ISN'T THIS NICER THAN THE MAGZ one.... sometimes i dun understand why singapore magz always anyhow post pics...

finally you sent me the pics we took on my birthday....

best porn star of the year... daryl pan

alright i posted alot daryl photos... i feel very gay now... i shall stop here... pls keep voting for him!!!


crazy nite out on CNY evex2 with yao n samuel wong! had dinner with yao at the usual japanese place n ryan and siao mei join us for EPIC MOVIE! it really average actually it SUCKS... after watching the show... i think my intelligent level dropped... its really stupid...dun bother watching unless u are really that bored during CHEEENA NEW YEAR! the bar we went was damm funky hahaha i like the lights... but dun like the music... we were super bored so we decided to cam whoring at clark quay! hahaha

my last sunday outing with princess theoooooooooo.... cream bistro n neoprints.. take care in aussie!!
thank you theo! i love this birthday card... the best birthday card i ever received!

sarah's birthday party!!! i told u all i really have birthday party EVERY WEEK... its crazy.... hahaha anyway her party is FULL of relatives!!! so packed!! we came quite late... damm funny sammy keep on thinking its at changi then we end up around changi village.... but i got a feeling its the tanah merah chalet there... and i was right he was wrong! ho ho... yeah was listening to some songs sammy was introducing me... nice nice... sarah not i dun want to post nice pic of u but u choose to pose like that with us! hahahaa nice tiara! i did a photo collage specially for u ok! i was rushing it after i book out and that explains why me n sammy was late!

yeah the four of us.... sammy gen sarah alvin... the JI peeps! 4yrs!

had dim sum with the mbs peeps.... not many can make it but its ok... still fun with us around... hahaha dim sum was really good... awwww my last time seeing eve n ac.... gonna meet these 2 girls! went to zouk flea with grace, winnie and ac... met up with deana n samuel.... went to get our stuff for picnic after the flea..... this year flea not that nice compared to last yr.... botanic garden is DAMMMM NICE CAN! i dunno how long nv go back there.... yeah i got new idea for our pri sch gathering... HO HO HO!!!! and theo picnic damm nice la so colourful

when everything become greenery... ho ho... this is wat i call.... GREEN-house effect! hahaa

Courtesy of

ME and DEANA AT FRANCE!! no la! hahaha we just playing with the canon camera functions! cool shit huh!

Thank you mr photographer for this super nice pics!!! 21st birthday party part 2! great fun! thank you guys!
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