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Friday, April 10, 2009


JPOP CRAZE... again!

nowadays i in jpop craze again! haha... and i love to watch monomane on youtube... monomane is mime of someone... super funny... this old man mime hirai ken... damm funny! hahaha

and i am in love with NINJA WARRIOR!!!!!

next thurs 16 april 830pm chn5!!! mauhauahauah!!! I REFUSE TO GO OUT WITH ANYONE NEXT THURS NITE! hahaha unless u are a NINJA WARRIOR!!



remember to buy insurance before u attempt! hahaa.....


oh no!!! i keep laughing the whole nite! I CANT SLEEP!!! HAHAHHA~! fuck! i love funny stuff!!! AHHHHH~!!!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

once young, seek risk.
now aged, need stability.

stop wasting time,
hide and seek is too exhausting.

the burst of emotions will darken the sky,
will you still be my sun?

wait and see...

comes with english subtitle.... that's how i learn my japanese nowadays :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spitz - Robinson

新しい季節は なぜかせつない日々で
Somehow the new season is full of painful days
河原の道を自転車で 走る君を追いかけた
I chased after you on my bike as you ran by the dry river bed
思い出のレコードと 大げさなエピソードを
You carried a nostalgic record and an overblown episode
疲れた肩にぶらさげて しかめつら まぶしそうに
Over your tired shoulders and your frown was blinding

同じセリフ 同じ時 思わず口にするような
As if saying the same words at the same time
ありふれたこの魔法で つくり上げたよ
We created a world with this overflowing magic

誰も触われない 二人だけの国 君の手を離さぬように
A world only for us that no one can touch So I’ll never let your hand go
大きな力で 空に浮かべたら ルララ 宇宙の風に乗る
If by some great power we floated into the sky Lu la la, then we’d ride the winds of the cosmos

片隅に捨てられて 呼吸をやめない猫も
Even an abandoned cat surviving in a corner resembles you a little
どこか似ている 抱き上げて 無理やりに頬よせるよ
I pick her up and she grudgingly rubs her face on my cheek
いつもの交差点で 見上げた丸い窓は
The round window I looked up to at the usual intersection
うす汚れてる ぎりぎりの三日月も僕を見てた
Was slightly dirty as the night crescent moon looked back at me

待ちぶせた夢のほとり 驚いた君の瞳
I ambushed you in my dreams, your eyes were full of surprise
そして僕ら今ここで 生まれ変わるよ
And now we will be reborn here

誰も触われない 二人だけの国 終わらない歌ばらまいて
A world only for us that no one can touch We’ll spread the endless song

大きな力で 空に浮かべたら ルララ 宇宙の風に乗る
If by some great power we floated into the sky Lu la la, then we’d ride the winds of the cosmos

大きな力で 空に浮かべたら ルララ 宇宙の風に乗る
If by some great power we floated into the sky
Lu la la, then we’d ride the winds of the cosmos

ルララ 宇宙の風に乗る
Lu la la, then we’d ride the winds of the cosmos

translated by ERUBIN..... ya right... hahaha 
real translation done by KEN YUTAKE :)
ore no kuroi koi!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


forgot to intro u all this movie i watched few weeks ago! its super duper funnnnny!!! hahaha
Singapore International Film Fest 2009

i will be catching 3 shows this film fest with yao... anyone interested to join us pls tell me!

Weltstadt - 17 Apr Fri 915pm @ National Museum of Singapore

Hashi (chopstick) - 19 Apr Sun 715pm @ Sinema Old School

Aruitemo aruitemo (still walking) - 25 apr 2pm at Lido 1

Total i spent $28.50... discounted thanks to citibank clear card :)

i still want to watch another japanese film but its right after aruitemo at national museum at 430pm! super rush... damm.. dunno to watch or not...

anyway ppl... i am currently looking for local entrepreneurs for my SOE (spirit of enterprise) assignment. if u know any local entrepreneurs with biz of at least 5 years let me know ok! preferably in F&B sector if not anything is fine. thanks!

realised i have not really really type stuff abt me.... usu lots of photos... but sometime i still prefer words....

these few days been studying at library... oh man... alot weird ppl... like seriously weird ppl... and i cant stand those girls right... study halfway leave all their notes n go eat lunch or shop then come back... damm selfish.. those ppl want to study cant use it... i should just freaking throw their notes away...

for ur information.... UNI GLO is opening TMR at tampine!! i cant wait man! but DAMM... they gonna sell the jeans i just bought... i bought for almost $60... and they having opening sale for the 1st 10days n selling it at $49.90!!! WTF!!! DAMM IT... now i gonna see alot ppl wearing uni glo stuff.... actually good also... their stuff is really nice... hopefully change how many of us dress...or NOT!

if u still dunno... i already confirm my 8th trip to japan this end may! hoho... going with my aunt, my mum and grandma... going tokyo, osaka, kyoto, nara and kobe... for those want to go japan... GO NOW! cuz northwest ticket only $476 include tax... u dun go u can start to kill urself... TOO CHEAP TO RESIST....

watched confessions of shopaholic... grace is right.. if i were to act in the movie they will change it to confessions of a CHEAPO shopaholic... i cannot resist cheap clothes n stuff (U ALSO! WHO CAN!?) i think i should have a online flea market n sell my clothes! maybe i should have a flea market at my HOUSE and ask all my friends come! hahahah

this holiday is PLANNED! muahauha... nowadays i just quite happy with everything... i felt that sometime when u dun get something, its because there is something better gonna happen!!!

for example, i think if i go ntu, i wont be as hardworking as i am now. as in i will slack n just rely on my sole academic result. but now that i in SIM, i felt that i am consistently finding stuff to upgrade me...

another example, this holiday i want to get interns but economy is bad so i got rejected but all! haha... then the other day went to this company visit n TA TA! i gonna start training with them this holiday.. HELLO RAFFLES PLACE!!

alright that's all for now... going for LUNCH and back to STUDY!

happy birthday alexis! may u pass ur exams with flying colours and block more shots this year! hoho....

joshua trying to be taller than alexis hahaha...

my guy team with alexis :)

daph and gloria with alexis

our polaroids! to think abt it... i have not even use mine! ahahha

the poker cards table... hahaha... meng n his funny face... WTH! and mark is getting rounder n rounder...

the cake is nice but VERY VERY SWEEEEET!!! hahahaa initially i thought its gonna be cheesecake cuz its yellow... HAHAHA

MONSTERS :) go girls... be the champs again!

erica trying to be taller than me n serene... HAHAHA...

sneaky sneaky outside... ahahah

ngee ann alumnis....