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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

hello ppl!! i am finally back from being busy...

so sorry to jonathan... wanted to join him at zouk but the queue is FREAKING long since i wasnt in any costume.. hate to fly kite n send aeroplane... then shawn n kylie kept calling me that they changing different place to chiong... i was soooo tired n sian of all the calls n ask me go here n there... end up i went HOME! yes the best place to sleep! hahhahaha

went sentosa with my dear sarah on tues! hahahaha i told her that i am very black now but she wanted to tan so i join her... well.. going sentosa on deepavali is not that fun... alot indians hahah then sarah joked...."look at those indians at the bridge! they look like they are on some fieldtrips!!!" hahahahaha lame sia... then i felt funny cuz hardly there is any guys wear trunks n tan at sentosa! hahahaa anyway i cant be bother n just wear my trunks n tan... i want to remove those ugly tan lines from all those canoe training... leaving the place was scary too.. hahaha so many ppl can... wait until can die...

join gen in town for dinner... pasta mania was great! hahaha i love pasta... took neoprint with sarah n gen.. we've been missing sammy! yeah... almost 2months till we know each other for 3years... been really miss JI times alot... well nothing is longer than knowing my pri sch mates for almost 13yrs??? yeah AC! hahaha i miss my pri sch friends... n grace pls come back singapore asap if u are reading this!!! stupid girl..come back fast... i am missing u badly... i shall dig out some of my old photos soon n post up!!!

been kinda losing focus during training... guess i have been really missing out my social life too much... i miss alot of ppl around me... esp my non-canoe mates... not say i dun miss my canoe mates i do miss them too... just that i miss my other friends more... i wish i can see grace n zixin now... i want to meet my pri sch friends so much... need to focus n train up more... SRRR less than 2months... but should i still go japan for holidays on last week of the year??

been talking to some friends... i realise... those really smart ppl... they think NUS is a trash sch... n all leaving singapore to study else where... they think that NUS is a place that is for those ppl who cant make it oversea n have to stuck in singapore to study there... unless u are doing law or medicine... different ppl really have different point of views... i really dunno if i wanna further study... cuz i already know that i want to be an air steward... yeah call me bimbo or watever but i just love traveling n explore the world n take photos of interesting things n experience different culture n weather n the people... now i am thinking of repeating other modules i did badly when i am doing my retaining semester... i hope it can improve my gpa...

tmr wont be going anywhere i wanna stay home n pack my place... get ready to study my japs from now on!!! hahahaha I LOVE EVERYONE!!!

me n pretty sarah suntanning at sentosa :) Posted by Picasa

we've been missing sammy!!! Posted by Picasa