Thursday, September 24, 2009

Start of Student Week @ SIM

I got to set up my canoe polo booth for recruitment! For all of you out there who are interested in joining canoe polo, do come and approach us and check out our blog at

I will talk about Canoe Polo pretty soon... right here at SIM BLOGGERS :) so watch out for this space!!

Serene, my girl captain for canoe polo.... We were at our booth waiting to go down for the Sports Fashion Showcase!

We got to talk Alexis (right) for being our "team manager". She helped us carry our jacket and shirt and also have to help us take photos!

Here we go~!! ready for our walk~!!! (serene trying to be funny by wearing her helmet!)

First up! we have our soccer team... Captain Joe and his fellow soccer team mate...

Nice pose over there :) Joe, are you proposing? haha..

Check out the wakeboarders~! Cool man... nice sunglasses..

Table Tennis... one of the sport that I am not very good at!

Canoeing Club with their paddle! i guess they miss out someone.....

yes! SPARTAN! he was rowing the boat round the school~!!!

Next we have basketball.. also another sport that I am not very good at...

Here we have the tennis players! I really do enjoy playing tennis. During my holiday period, I will ask my friends out for some tennis session!

The ultimate frisbee! My classmates have been wanting to join frisbee together since last year until now only 2 of them went for the training! I really do want to join their training one of these days!

This year during the Student Leaders Sports Camp, I tried frisbee and it is really tiring!! (probably I am quite bad in running!) The concept is quite similar to rugby. It was really fun.

Ahah! Floorball.... My canoepolo team will be joining their floorball 3v3 tomorrow! I shall update you guys soon!

Here we have the rugby couple. I used to play rugby when I was in primary school and during my 1st 3months! Back then when I was in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I actually wanted to join rugby. I was with my friend waiting for training to start and it started raining very heavy. Then we decided to go home and we did not contact each other to go for other training! If only that day it did not rain, I wonder will I really join rugby or in canoe polo?

Lifesaving team! They had quite an amazing walk~!!

SIM Squash Team!


Netball - I used to play netball during my Sport and fitness module in NP. Netball is really fun... too bad they only accept girls.


Angling Club aka Fishing club! I hope to try out fishing one day...


Here comes Track & Field!! Anthony is so funny! His pose! Hahaaa... Before the walk, he told me how he going to pose and the actual one is alot funnier than the one he showed me.


Badminton - I just saw Ronald Susilo the other day in school~!

I didn't know we have Cricket in SIM~!!!

Finally, it's our turn~!!! Representing Canoe Polo! Both our paddles are from different brand. Yes we do wear helmet! We use the exact same ball as water polo.

We do not wear shoes during our training. But for this show, we had to wear something! haha

Muay Thai was the coolest of all!!!


All Sports in SIM :)

That's All Folks!! Hope you enjoy and get to see how each sports wear for their own training!

Will update again soon on Floorball 3v3 soon! Back to study!!!

F1 private function & a busy long weekends

I was invited to attend the F1 private function @ clark quay... took photos with the HOT MODELS... both of them were wearing DAMM high heels...

my face like that is cuz the models told me to act cool and they pose as james bond... faint...

after that... they went in to take photo with me beside the F1 car~!!! *tsk tsk* excited~!!!

MIKA~!! 2 times F1 winner...

i sat at the exact spots as him~! hoho... F1 ROCKS~!!!

they launched the pact done by johnnie walker...

before that... went to aisha house for hari raya... this time round we have alot more ppl~!! funz!

and i want aisha's father's car~!!!

the nite before... was at butter factory with xue er and wei jian and grace~!

grace and xue er...

yeah i think its too loud~!! hahaha... we are too OLD~!

we are both aquarius~!! haha

and the nite before the previous nite... (*trying to confuse u all!)

met up with my ex-olympus colleagues.... karen, alice and lynn... hahah so fun to just hang out with them... we were at TCC and sat for 5hrs plus and keep drinking the ice water! i went toilet for 5 times~!!! omg... lynn is living at shanghai now so this meet up is FOR HER~!!! i will go shanghai soon to find u ok! hahaha

then few weeks ago... went to khansama with zixin, ac, wei jian, xue er, grace.... the food rocks~!! its been sometime since i last met up with ac... i seriously in love with khansama~! its soooo gooood...

the katong gang ppl... hahaha dun need any intro.. u all should know who are they!

break fast with the muslims.... went to pizza hut near sch...

the girls... made so much noise that other table SHHHHHH at us... damm those ppl...

and of course the GUYS~!!!

all of us.... its a quiet and nice evening... time to head back to study~!!! gonna be real busy man... and i have not post up nat champ photos for last day!!! soon sooon~!