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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

isnt this nice?! like super NICE! OMG hahaa.. Posted by Picasa

hahahha william hung had lunched with me... muuhaha Posted by Picasa

this is hard gay!! hahahhaa i caught his face without the dark glassess.... mauhauhaua Posted by Picasa

found it from some mag in orchard library... Posted by Picasa

read this its fucking funny... Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006


yes! i finally got myself PS2... its a long time wishlist item... u know during japan trip.. i keep telling myself to at least save 20000yen which is $280 so that when i return back in singapore i can get myself a PS2! hahaha i got my sexy little baby for $260! yup! its my girlfriend now... i will stay home to accompany her... hanlong got himself a girlfriend too.. PSP.. our girlfriends share the same surname.. PS! hahaa... i so lucky that i didnt decide to buy PS2 from those online ppl who want to clear their old fat PS2... which is like $250! hahaha i got it like $260 and its new and its slim... i cant stand fat stuff..

today i went town after class and shopping again!
i tell u i am really damm BLUR! i went to buy my epson ink the other day cuz i remember it cost $21.. hahaha then i went to the rack and look at the pack tag instead of the ink model! HOW STUPID! of course i got home when i try to fit the new one... it doesnt FIT! i really damm stupid la! hahaha... OMG i felt like a himbo for a moment.. so today went out to buy the correct one... i got the PS2 memory card also and i bought $13 worth of cookies!!! ok i seriously in love with blue... i got myself a new swimming trunks for $27 quite nice i like it... yeah! time for some serious tanning but i need to put alot sun block on my arms! hahaha...


Sunday, May 07, 2006

me n carol wong mei mei! one white and one black.. just like yin n yang.. hahaa... Posted by Picasa

Happy birthday edwin! Posted by Picasa