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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 9 - 20 June - London -> Paris

Notting Hill Gate station! I never watch the movie soooo.... whatever... haha i am just here to spend my last short day in London by going to the portobello market! so here is it!!

just walk down the whole street...

very nice shop with decorations... was actually looking out for nice 2nd hand stuff... but they are either too expensive or too bulky to bring for the early part of my backpack trip.... so never get anything...

But i really love this place... its quiet and not so crowded.. probably its still early...

haha... then u have any customer?

so the whole street is layout in this format... and the red dot represent where are u at now.... nice huh...

cheap cheap vegetables! come and buy!!

they have very nice housing around the estate.... if not they won't have filmed the movie here right!? DUH! haha

so i was rushing back to you cai place and packed my bag as if i am still in army... everything in in  2mins! hahah... so actually i was late for my train to paris... luckily they allow me to take the next train without any extra charges... you just need to SMILE! haha... anyway I thought the train you just board on like tube/metro kind but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... u gotta clear the custom... haha forgot that UK is UK... not part of European Union (EU)

so here am i.... in PARIS~!!! BONJOUR~!!! waiting for Igor to pick me up! my first Couchsurfing experience starts here! check out this website
it's a place where ppl offer to host you and get to know about the other person's country and culture... its soooo awesome... as u all know i hosted many friends from all over the whole... germany, taiwan, japan and all... but i never knew such a website exist till my friends told me about it....

Igor is really nice and we went to do some grocery shopping after i put down my bags... since he is vegan, no eggs n milk! so i went to the kitchen to look at how he prepare his food... we had the vegan tofu patties.. nice! and he has a room mate from HK... so its really nice to meet another asian in paris :)

Eiffel Tower!!!! since Igor place is really near to Eiffel tower... we took a stroll there... OMG ITS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

This is Igor! My host in Paris!!! Thanks to him... he gave me advices and tips on where to go and stuff... FYI... he is spanish not french. Yup he move from Spain to live and work in Paris! amazing huh!

Eiffel tower though is just metal... but its the most beautiful piece of metal on earth!!! it's so huge... u cant believe it... and this photo.. bottom up... its WOW... and yeah thank to my amazing Sigma F1.4 lens... i am able to capture such beautiful lighting n details at nite... :)

Eiffel tower.... u can die for this... its soooo LOVELY~! haha.. When i was there... i just stood there and keep taking photo of it... though all the photos turn out more or less the same... but its justso beautiful that you just want to take n take n take!!!!!!

That's my first day in paris... more to come!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

My favourite Super Junior song at the moment now... In my dream... so nice...

Bye everyone! going reservist now! I'll be back soon!!!

I shall blog abt my diving trip at tioman when i'm back! meanwhile... u can read my past entries... it's always entertaining... haha... for me at least.. not sure abt u all... Au voir~!