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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Alvin Lee's 22nd Birthday Party

Please Approach the Door Bitch before entering... or else spongebob will rape u!

(All Photos By Mr Ong Kheng Boon)


meng needs to massage his legs... weizheng and matthew hong waiting happily in the queue waiting to get kimochi...

Joshua Pan, Alvin Lin and Venessa..... WHERE'S UR KIDDY WEAR!?!?

MY BORDERS FRIENDS THE BEST!!! THEY DRESS UP SO FUNNY!!! LOOK AT SWEE LAN! so CUTE!!! and aeron with nadia on the left hand side... hahaha

Terence & Yong Mou! thanks for coming!! hhahahaa next time play more bishi bashi game...

to my STC girlfriends... hahaha... adeline, siao ying and siao mei!!! thanks for the sex gift huh!! I KNOW U ALL WANT TO PLAY WITH ME RIGHT!!! HAHAHA... my minds cafe khakis!! hahaa... and siao mei stop writing all over the place to ask me to stop behaving like a kid la! aiyoyo... my guest book first page is u wrote one lor! aiyo!!!!

special thanks to my mama for helping me to set up the place.... and thanks to my door bitch... she made my mother write my guest book! hahaha...

my 2 lovely sprinter juniors.... daphne and collin... u all look damm cute can... and daphne look like dora the explorer... LOL.... and collin thanks for ur gift! indeed shockingly funny! hahaha

My Borders friends + Gen...
(back row: latifah, aeron, jun, shaun, me!)
(front row: nadia + her gelly, joyce, swee lan and taufiq on my lap!)
the spongebob shirt really damm cute sia..

with my juniors again... time to play BALL!!!

how about swinging in my room if ya feeling emo!! LOL...

special thanks to james for asking mike (beside spongebob) the cakeboy to bake my birthday cake!! its damm yummy... sinfully chcocolatty!! but i managed to split up the cake into 3 container n feed my hungry juniors on sunday training... hahaha
i am sure everyone is very high on sugar now...

my polo juniors.... weilong, jun wei (current NP men captain), zhihao and hong gay...

the clique! thank you for coming!! and u all came very late!!! and why all nv dress up!!! argh!

the donuts... awwww MAKE U ALL FAT!!! FATTER THAN ME!! hahaha *evil laughter*
u all never finish it la... alot left over!!! next time i should just order 10% of the total ppl coming huh....

gim and robynne... the rest of our biotech class pangseh!!! thanks for the sexy CK undies... I LOVE IT! haha

AC boys came... hahaha schoolboys are not suppose to have coloured hair ok! lucky discipline teacher not around or else u all gonna get SPANK!

my birthday cards... the one on the right won best card!

the alumnis and 2 juniors.... felt like we are in a tunnel... hahaa oh ya and we are the original rowdy boys... missing jeremy here...

careful... dun go too near monica... she will trap u inside the bubble n u will become one of her pokemon... LOL

annabelle look super stunned!! aahha... and me with my fav SMALL NEH NEHs!!! eunice and steff... and super duper long nv see steff man! i think got almost 2yrs!!! oh man... miss those small neh neh days! damm long nv club with u all toooo!!!

thanks melanie for coming! she is one busy girl! hahaha 

my st gabs pals... chay is funny as ever n nat is yan dao as ever... samuel getting touchy... hahaha.. sorry nat n chay.. didnt get to cut my cake earlier... we catch up soon k!!!

to my fucking gayz friends... hhahaa samuel wong, zhen xiang, felicia (chin?) and kenneth! hahaha... where is ZHEN RU & KERRIE!!! hahaha... the whole nite zhen xiang n felicia keep teasing kenneth for wearing same shirt with my junior jun wei ahaha...

hmmmmmm we can really squeeze 70 ppl in my house!! let's try 100 next yr! LOL...

to my st gab juniors who went for kitago exchange program!!! thanks for coming! let's go back kitago tgt next time!!

me with my cake... nice nice rich chocolate cake :)

so some of ya change ur kids wear huh! WE (used to) LOVE BORDERS!

my 1st 3months, JI friends without sarah here... but guess wat... we are all from NP!!! CUZ NP ROCKS!! yeah!

why got balloons one... hahaha.. HIDE UR TUMMIES RIGHT!!!

old gabrielites & current gabrielites...

acs boys...

small neh neh plus belle belle....


STC girlfriends :)

deana, samuel n elizabeth

aunt isabel, mum n grandma :)

rowdy old boys ( edward, lin, yan ren, mark, joshua, ruixiang, yan yi!)

my champion juniors... (weilong, benson, junkang, hong gay, meng, weizheng and zhihao)

crazy juniors ( matthew, collin, daphne, jun wei)

nadia is my 22nd guest of the party!! spongebob pencil box for u!

matthew got runner up for best dress... lego for u boy!

thanks for the kiss too! haha

best dress for guys to the acs boys n they were sweating... u 3 can play playdoh tgt! hahaha

fake maria sharapova... hahaha jane got runner up for best dress female...

daphne won best dress female n i got u a bubble set for a bubbly girl like u!! haha

felicia won best card! thanks for the pop up card!!! really damm nice... i think its the best card ever!!

random lucky draw... zhihao won...

junwei won tooo...

ruixiang got spongebob keychain...

joshua got the same thing and happy coupling...

eunice! this will make ur neh neh become even bigger! eat more PEZ ok!

mysterious prize for u glenn!!

my door bitch serene won too!! thank you girl for bitching n chop everyone with the stamp :)

melvin got the last mysterious prize! congrats to all winners!!!

jiun and benjamin the late comers of the party plus sheena n serene ahhahaha... anyway thanks for coming... its the thoughts that  counts.... so come late is still ok toooo! happy wii-ing with sheena n serene huh ahahha...

my elder n younger brother... :)


will post up the links for all the photos soooooon..... busy celebrate chinese new year la... and GONG XI FA CAI TO EVERYONE!