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Friday, December 31, 2004

its gonna be 2005 in 4hrs!!! wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!! 2004 have been a gooooood year... i went japan, i went sports camp, i went for national champ and had tons of FUN FUN n more more more FUN!!! thanks canoe polo for all these fun!i love you! my dearest canoe polo sweetie... hahaha

2003...was a fun year... 2004 was a fun year too... 2005...GONNA BE DAMM POWER! 2005... i gonna ride on vespa! just had my theory test today... guess wat.. i got the same booklet as the other time! but shit la i think i screw up abit also leh... dunno... i hope i really pass!! pls let me pass!! then after that went for self practice... wau lau damm long nv ride bike n i sucks lor!! hahaha...

2005 i hope that... i will have a nicer body... hahaha... will be STRONGER than yesterday.... hmm.. have better grades.. have a wonderful 19th birthday!! hate being so old... i am gonna crash JC.. hehee... i am going to save up to go japan also! hehe... hope for a cuter dog! haiz... i am suffering from brain dead now... going chinablack warehouse party later!! cya! once again....


Sunday, December 26, 2004

i am on NP handbook!!! COOL!! I ROCKS!! i look sooooo COOOL... hahhaa...  Posted by Hello

yeah finally met up with GRACE!!! i am wearing her specs! taken with my K700i... hehee.. Posted by Hello
Group A:

Group B:

Group C:
NP 1 (BUBBLE BATH) <---- my team!!

Group D:
NP 2

Group A:

Group B:

well... its less than 20days away from competition sia!!! must fight fight fight!! we are so LUCKY to be in group C... ppl in the forum commented that group C will be the most interesting group with local best team... yeah... too bad it not us la... so we the BUBBLE BATH must at least beat one of the 3 top team in our group... n guess wat... we are playing against our coach again... i bet stanley during the game will paddle past me to tell me wat to do sia...

hate doing maths tutorial... i am stuck at damm easy question... integrate sin2x cos2x... i still need to do aqua lab report n amb project n maths tutorial n my japs homework!!! better go now...

Saturday, December 25, 2004

MERRY CHIRSTMAS EVERYONE!! sorry didnt give out any xmas gift.. hahaha no time to prepare anything... went town with joyce n ben after sch on fri.. skip immu lect n went to do some shopping... bought this nice jacket for my japan host family kid! hehee... then i brought 2 esprit tees for myself...hehee... its been a long long time since i brought some clothes... i cant even remember when... anyway... end up at night went town with zixin to meet grace n xinting in town... hurray! its been a long time since i met grace... amazing how time flies... send her off to australia ON MY BIRTHDAY this year... n ta ta... she is back! she slim down... hahah still as funny as ever hahaa... then we were running away from the crazy crowd in town... those ppl were crazy.. spraying around... walk n walk around n town is a real madness... i swear i wont go there again on xmas or new year... so many chao ah beng... we landed at mac cafe.. had mango smoothies n chocolate chip muffin.. nice! grace gave me this bag of gummy from australia! so sweet... hahaha... gonna catch up with her soon again...

shit man... i had my theory test last week... n i failed... fuck it sia... i must have fail by 1mark.. cuz i got this 50-50 chance of failing... cuz i really dunno some of the answer.... like that one they ask me... if it is illegal to park the bike on grass... hahaha i nv see anyone park on grass but it does not seemed to be illegal too! hahaha... anyway i book my next theory test liao... haiz.. its on 3 jan... fuck la... i cant go 6.1... must pass my theory test!! damm it... i should start taken long ago.. i wan VESPA!!! i need VESPA!!! 3 more practical... 1 more theory test... n 1 more final practical test to get my LICENSE!

Monday, December 13, 2004

wau damm long nv blog liao... let me start off from last tues!!! last tues at zouk was damm freaking freaking FUN!!! i saw alot ppl... mostly barker ppl (DUH! its ac party).... it's damm worth it to pay $20 for it... but i didnt win ipod leh... saw a few JI ppl.... vanessa heng, hao, melvin, jia qi, ernest... blah blah.... muahahaha this is the first time saw jaynet at clubbing!!! SHE ROCKS!!! she can really dance n her dance sometimes damm funny la!!! she look more like acting than dancing la!!! then chong hui was there too... n steff was there too... small neh neh DAMM HOT also hahaa... saw alot of HOT HOT GIRLS... hahaha... everyone was damm high that day!!! music was damm perfect... AC party... doesnt just stand for anglo-chinese party but stands for ANDREW CHOW's party!! dammit.. i want to go clubbing where andrew chow is the DJ...

then for friday... we had steamboat party at my house.. quite fun hahaa... i didnt know my house can be a nice place for gathering... muahaha i should jio my primary sch friends over soon... then my plasma tv rocks!!! i plug my laptop to it n play the photo sildeshow with music blast on my creative speakers... fung was tearing.. hahaha... alot of embarrassing photos but dun care man hahaha...

overslept on sunday morning so nv go support the sprinters... congrats to weiqiang for getting no.2 for his race categories... kinda sad that i am not in the race cuz eugene said there wasnt enough boats... then later on in the evening went to NTU for friendly.. me n philip just realise that jianwen is really a very SLOW person... eat slow bath slow walk slow n meet us always late... REALLY SLOW.... anyway NTU their swimming pool the whole surrounding is damm chio wow... i am amazed... it looks like some chalet or resort!! damm cool... oh ya we had a great match with them... hope the juniors learn alot from their mistakes.... gtg...

monkeys!!! Posted by Hello

philip showing off his perky ass... Posted by Hello

stop peeping! we are peeing! Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 11, 2004

zhanghao!!! forever looks so nice with his funky hair!! Posted by Hello

vanessa heng!!! i looks damm weird... Posted by Hello

yeah! finally met up with ernest after dunno how many months...  Posted by Hello

we'll carry u!! Posted by Hello

tgt forever... last gathering... before fung leaving on a jet plane... Posted by Hello

ah sexy pose by us... all the caps are mine! Posted by Hello

pin yue! the canoe polo new n hottest player!! Posted by Hello

who says those are "without a paddle"? arent they holding on to rudith yang pei pei's paddle? hahaha Posted by Hello

ice queen n horsy... Posted by Hello

pin yue just wants everything!!! Posted by Hello

small neh neh on my swing!!!  Posted by Hello

pin yue dun wan to wash the dishes... Posted by Hello

steamboat reunion... Posted by Hello

great shots produce by OLYMPUS C-770 ultrazoom Posted by Hello

great photo by karmede Posted by Hello

another great photo by me Posted by Hello

great photo taken by me! Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004 great show!! go watch those trailers! damm nice! Posted by Hello

my host family just sent me this pic... can u find keiya?? he is the one the yellow cone is at!! cute huh? love him.. Posted by Hello

playing with long shutter!!! Posted by Hello