Sunday, August 21, 2005

my hottest scandal so far... yeah thanks for the kiss babe!! we will meet again!!! Posted by Picasa

my god kenta hoya!!! Posted by Picasa

my dear idol inoue hajime Posted by Picasa

outside competition!!!  Posted by Picasa

during competition Posted by Picasa

NP MEN IVP Posted by Picasa

the new ref of 2005 Posted by Picasa

i will treasure this jacket alot... all ur signatures!!! notice that all of them are even numbers! Posted by Picasa
yeah all of u must be waiting for me to blog right...


1st: SP
2nd: NUS
3rd: NP

Women IVP
1st: NP
2nd: NUS
3rd: TP

Men Open
1st: Blackstorm
2nd: Red Tide
3rd: Rookies

Women Open
1st: NP
2nd: SP
3rd: NUS

Men U19:
1st: SP
2nd: TP
3rd: NP

Women U19:
1st: TP
2nd: NP
3rd: SP

yeah.. this yr kinda sad... rookies could have gotten gold and if NP u19 girls get GOLD... SP will sweep all GOLD for men cat.. then NP will sweep all GOLD for women cat.. but i am so happy for my girls.. they got home both GOLD for IVP n OPEN.. its really an achievement.. i love them lots.. yeah i almost cry after their matches! men IVP wasnt that successful.. we remain at 3rd again.. the appeal that TP made affected us alot.. haiz... all of us made mistakes... for me.. i take the wrong person as a chaser n let in ppl to attack my defense... haiz.. today i wasnt playing my standard.. haiz.. that's why i sub when i know that i cant play... all those matches that is not semi finals that kind.. i played calm but when those matches with placing... i just panic n stressed.. haiz i felt so useless... next year we will do it again... we will get gold n we can do it... henry.. i wont let NUS get GOLD for MEN IVP next year :) SRRR next year.. we will see u all in the matches at SINGAPORE RIVER :)

went for dinner with the JAPS!!! yeah they rock!!! damm nice to see them again... talk alot to tall haji n suzuki... yeah.. suzuki.. someday somewhere sometime.. we will meet again.. i will meet u.. we will play canoe polo together again.. kenta hoya.. for sure i will be playing canoe polo again 5yrs later.. i will find a new meaning n new style to play in canoe polo... to my dear tall haji.. thanks for the kiss! hahaa... yeah u are my new idol... a great keep n a great chaser... best of all.. u are a rare left handed n a super shooter... i will train to be just like you... steel of nerves! i will go JAPAN soon to meet ya.. remember u promised to bring me around tokyo n intro me jap girls hor! hahahaa...

i am sleepy...nite..