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Thursday, February 26, 2009

i am at harajuku with phoebe... went to this AU handphone shop got free internet to use n sitting there n relax abit... freaking tired.. been sleeping late n waking up super early i think i gonna fall sick soon once i am back!! now i am officially broke.. need to claim my $$$ for my transport tmr.. i going SNOOPY land later to buy my snoopy stuff!!! die... i gonna swipe card soon.....

yest went to this super nice place at yokohama which is like marina barage which is damm chio too!!!! cant wait to upload all my photos when i am back... really enjoy walking around the places with the NUS students... damm funny hahaha i felt like i am in JAPAN HOUR programme going around n feeling amazed with every little thing.....

this morning went to meet phoebe at the famous landmark in shibuya starbucks.... damm cool man.. had my honey orange latte.. and guess wat?? i spilled it!!! end up i bought another new cup again.... sian... freaking tired but i am loving japan every moment here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

update again soon!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

GOODBYE SERENE..... again!

my bangkok gift for serene!!! u better wear that ok!!

timbre pizza!!! who can resist it!?

me n winston!
and of course serene...

plus weyman with us...

plus clarissa too!
alright... good bye serene.. and GET OVER IT..... see u in few months time! come back for ur 21st bday ok!!!

my overdue photos!! happy birthday celest!!!

the les and me!

my oreo girls! celest n shao bin :)

plus deedee we are NUTRO! hahaha so old sch.... oh man... poly year 1 was like yesterday...

me n kylie's birthday gift from ryan...

best pic of the day! cover liantee! ahhaha

elsyne love my BAG!!! so CUTE huh!

all the stuff i bought from JAPAN!!! so many ah!!!

see the amount of tshirts i bought!!!!