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Saturday, June 30, 2007

day 1.... our heats... we got 1st for both 10men n 20men heats but timing is quite bad... really hope we can improve on it... (above) the 10men crew!
the whole competition like so freaking happening la... so many tents of teams representing diff countries.. germany, canada, australia, japan and YES! HONG KONG!! hahaha.... the whole place is like some international world conference... hahaha... and i saw alot of my friends all over the place! hahaha esp NP dragonboat ppl!!
NUS was like super duper fast during their IVP events la!!! SIM is damm good too!!! oh ya... bedok reservoir water is very tasty too! i drank abit today! hahaha its kinda SWEET!! hahahaa and i am still alive n kicking! hahaha

wenhao n weizheng... the new lovebirds... hahaha
me, kai jay and rico!

brian, junsheng, lex and me!
i think today is a freaking canoeing day for me.. as in... i saw both sprinting n polo ppl!!! sprinters in the day... polo ppl at nite! hahaha... its so nice to see nacc ppl around... and yeah the moment i step into the venue... one of my juniors shouted that i came for the wrong race... its dragonboat race n not canoeing race... HAHAA.... the reason why i am wearing the ugly nacc singlet today is cuz my the other 2 singlets is being washed as i wore them for the past few days! hahaha....

heard some bad news abt things happening in the club... and i am freaking angry over those idiots...

went to the classy one rochester!! it is lovely! haha

me and rudith attending annabelle's 21st birthday!!

side track abit..... see! nowadays who use nokia or other phone? its all sony ericsson!!! from left: edward's w810, mine k800, ruixiang's w880 and juju's w850!!!

alright la we didnt go for any bday party... hahah its actually farewell dinner for edward!
this pic is my 20th com! ahahhaa so sad... only me rudith n tiong can make it!!!

nicholas n edward... the guys captain
rudith and denise... the girls captain
the alumnis of NACC.... yup! we are all officially graduates of NP! with special guest appearance of NICHOLAS! hahaha

here comes yanyi.... couple wear with rudith! look at how passionate yanyi is.. giving rudith a BIG HUG!! but rudith was like damm traumatise by him... hahaha....

the crazy polo girls.... and they are addicted to my DS LITE! cooking mama! denise can study well but she CANT COOK! hahaha... daphne is damm rich to buy a new camera la!!! chen is as blur as ever! hahaha... and where is karin n ester? hahaha

SO MANY OF US!!! cool man!! we should have more nacc gathering... next time... go alan house n club!! hahaha... and yes... i'll see u all again next sat... 7july... daphne's 21st birthday!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

forgot to white prince charming will arrive on 3 july! cant wait.... its my... macbook...

today...fri... went KTV with ann and swee lan... damm cool! we sing aiyoyo lao shi song! really have it!! and its ORIGINAL VIDEO CLIP CAN!!! and sang guan huai fang shi!!! after that... ann left and we met up with elaine shaun aeron joyce! hahaha... and i sent gatsby song to them all! hahaah!! all went crazy n keep playing it in borders.... n the old man stare at us... hahahaha... i miss all the crazy stuff we talk abt during our outing... classic story of geraldine's firework!!! hahahaa... must hang out again man!!!!


had safsa team dinner...

1st time having dinner with so many of them... hahhaa usually is just small group of us... somehow the feeling with safsa team n my NP polo team is very different.... gonna give wat i have n do my best on sat n sun... GO SAFSA..... no no... THIS IS SAFSA! hahahaa.... no no!! its... CATCH N SNAP! hahaha....

look at our long long reciept! hahaha....
MAMBO nite with the australian girls....

ac acting cute... begging to take a photo with me! hahaha

hahaha so our photo after more than 4months!!! time flies...

theodora, deana, nicole, ac
dea's "sister" nicole was like totally GONE after drinking abit... damm funny haha she was like HIGH!!

theo didnt eat enough before going mambo... she went around biting ppl's arm... LOL

saw winnie!! and matthew n terence all the NUS dance blast ppl!!! wooooo hahahaa.... super fun dancing with them... and it was damm damm hot! haha

currently my blog is playing 2 super addictive songs.... gatsby n umbrella..... at mambo.. when they play the gatsby song... everyone was like super high... BUT AC N THEO was like WAT SONG IS IT!!!! hahahah.... in australia too long... probably there is no gatsby in aussie... hahaha!!!