Wednesday, January 21, 2004

really damm long nv blog le... really been very busy for the past few days... nowadays i dun really even get a min to go online.. so tired to go online...

last week was the canoe polo competition... didnt do that well... those guys in our team lor... so tired already still dun wan to sub.. then some of them wan to be hero.. then alot of them nv focus.. ball drop behind them still paddle away.. some ppl just so stubborn dun listen to others... like that how to win n improve? met sandip han wei ronald at SP.. this is like really the first time i went to SP to walk around...

i like my microbio practical... feel so scientist in the lab hahaa.. smell of medicine... i like.. haha oh then the TSO she is good.. explain things better than that stupid annie..

oh ya.. i change my phone liao!!! i change on 18 jan!! good bye my GD88.. i dun love u anymore.. haha.. oh ya i bought T610 from horsy's friend rendy.. its quite new all these.. bought at 430 which i think is quite cheap la.. then sold my phone to some outside ppl.. at first that guy promise to buy at 350 then later change to 330... fucker... then i kao peh him sell him at 335 lor.. anyway 335 is quite good la.. cuz outside only can sell at 300.. the best part was the phone is very spoilt n the charger is spoilt too!! la la la... good luck..

i really love my T610 i like the sms part lor.. they say is laggy but not as laggy as GD88 k.. GD88 is damm lag lor.. but T610 the button is very soft lor.. u push down become enter.. but anyway i love it! la la la... the bluetooth is fun.. haha search if anyone got bluetooth then u send ur contact over n make friends! la la la... hahaha go see got any chio bo around or not.. hahaaa... but one thing is that the phone memory is only 2mb.. very little.. haiz..

i need to do alot hw during chinese new yr... but i guess most of the time i will be playing ba... hahha... get more hong bao this year man!!!

see ya guys!! happy chinese new year!!!