Thursday, March 06, 2008

i am selling my panasonic lumix fx 30 at $350 with 2GB sd card, 2 batt, case and all other accessories in the original package!

i dun like panasonic user interface... still prefer my old olympus menu... i gonna get it repair asap.... so if u interest pls contact me!  the camera condition still very good.... 9/10   with unfilled warranty!

these the specs...

7 Megapixels
3.6X Wide-angle optical zoom
Optical image stabilization
640x480 30 FPS Movie Mode
ISO 100-1250 plus Auto ISO (100-200)
Motion based ISO control
1/2000-1s Normal shutter-speed range
8s Max shutter-speed in night-mode, 60s max shutter-speed for stary-sky-mode
4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 Aspect ratios
2s and 10s Self-Timer
Unlimited 2 FPS drive and 5-frame 3 FPS drive.
Standard, Natural, Vivid, Cool, Warm, Sepia and B&W color modes
AWB, daylight, cloudy, shade, halogen preset white-balance
Custom white-balance
3 Frame exposure-bracketing, 1/3-1 EV steps
-2..+2 Exposure-compensation, 1/3 EV steps
2.5" LCD 207K Pixels, no viewfinder
Secure Digital High Capacity
Lithium-ion battery
HELLO EVERYONE!!!! SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! if u can guess the meaning beyond my words then u know wat happen la.... i will be celebrating selamat hari raya in camp man! wooooo! thank u bitch! argh... this weekend i will be missing 2 birthday parties... oh man... screw it....

anyway... ord in 5 months! 153days... i cant believe my planning for post ord is soooooo detailed... hahhaha lots of back up plan n stuff so no no i wont be wasting any time after ord n full force out to pursue my dreams...

my mum called yest... she told me that my younger bro was called by his camp to be send over to france to be storeman n help out at the cookhouse... the pay? almost 2k... isnt that GOOD! pls lor i diploma grad i go out work they only willing to pay me 1.6k onwards... my younger bro dun even have ITE cert! so everyone in the family is asking him to go ahead... fly there! but the stupid girlfriend quarrel with him... said he go there then wat abt her.... if i see the girlfriend i will tell her fuck off!! my mother said... aiyo so many girls outside! u scare no gf ah!

so once ur path crossed... dream or love? once gone is gone.... if his gf really loves him... she should learn to let go... love is about being able to see ur the other half happy and pursue his dreams... alot man are blinded by love... and once love is gone... ur world just shattered.. cuz u already gave up ur dreams... haiya... i counsel dunnno how many heartbroken soul... that's why i wont have a gf that wont allow me to do whatever i want... i see how many ppl leave canoepolo because of the other half... isnt that sad... one day u broke up with the other half... and u want to come back to ur team... u will think ur team mates will like it? 

i know my little bro is brewing some sense in his hardly-used brain... he wants to go france... but the gf... aiyo.. di ah! go france... its a good experience man...

anyway... enjoy this video! hahaha

Sunday, March 02, 2008

finally back from the juniors bonding camp.... its really damm fun to play this game where by u have to do 10 push ups whenever u said vulgarities! hahaha! highest score is none other than matthew hong cho ping! hahhaaa... gym was terrible... i have not gym for like almost 2months! yes i am not kidding.... and i went to gym with ruixiang... i cant do alot of the weights that i used to do before! that's damm scary... and during the pool slot... i almost died! i cant sprint! my whole arms went "soft"! hahhaa i am quite amazed that i shot 2 impossible kind of goal which usually i wont be able to shoot it.... i guess its just pure luck...

night time... i plan some stupid games for the juniors... its really funny when tyffin tried to act out "slutty paris hilton" and "gay spartans" hahhaaa i shant upload here... u want to watch? next yr agm lor! hahahaha and u all go n lick the stinky area! hahaa! damm funny! the juniors should play more catching... hahaha i really miss playing catching with the twins, jeremy n all...

then sun morning... i got pancake for breakfast.... the juniors all jump on me n made me into a pancake.... THANKS! anyway training was good.... can see the juniors getting a little bit better.... keep training hard ok!

went to the career & education fair at suntec after training... hahha bumped into seah kai... he also just finished training hahaa... anyway... the fair was more like 90% education la! i was looking forward to the career side... so end up i get psycho to know more abt the education stuff.... i just found out i can do 1 year hospitality degree from european university! amazing huh and dun ask me which european university because the university name is call european university! hahaa..... anyway i guess if local uni dun want me then its their lost... i gonna apply for RMIT at SIM... maybe i can set up canoepolo at SIM with syaz n others... hahaha... 

i am still in the midst of rearranging my room stuff... time to get efficient... so must get my room organise.... i need more time... 

i caught LEAP YEARS! its damm good... u all should really go watch it... wong li lin... U ARE DAMM HOT! can i be ur allan wu? haahha... vernetta lopez should really go back acting! she is so funny man!!! and the reason why i watch it without hesitation is that..... corrinne may songs were played in the movie! hhahahaha.... 4 of her songs... so go watch! nowadays all the hollywood movie cannnot make it.... support local production n oversea one u can just u know get it somewhere u know u know.... hahahaha

back to camp.... another week gone... YEAH!
5months to ord.... SIMPLY JUST CANT WAIT!!!