Saturday, February 25, 2006


I LOVE YOU GUYS... i would like to thank you all once again on the behalf of 20th committee... we certainly had a rocking year with DCC, CAPS Golf, all our competitions and celebrating everyone's birthday by dumping them into the bins... keep the tradition there and we will still be there for u guys even though we stepped down... a success leader is not someone who just create success for his club when he is still a leader but also making sure that his successor is able to keep up the good work :) so let's give all our support to Lex and Peter together with the new 21st com... its gonna be tough as the new com is made up of mainly the year 1... just stay positive... having fashion disaster for this agm was really really fun... thanks to all the enthu dressing up... the christmas lighting plastic bags, obiang girls, expose underwear guys and all the other ugly dudes! once again... we really ROCK! great fun with u guys!

To both polo and sprinting qm, peter n chin chong: you guys did a great job by providing us with new equipment to use and repair those that are spoilt... i believe u guys did more paper work than me!

to the new polo qm: weilong.... i expect to see more boats coming in k? heheee.. no more torn spraydecks pls!

To my sprinting captain, wei qiang: thanks for committing ur time fully on sprinting and achieve the great results... its sad that u have to leave polo to focus on sprinting... but i understand and always supportive of ur decisions... a great leading example for the juniors!

to my new sprinting captain, dennis: i really admire and respect u alot... because honestly speaking i thought that u will be the first one to quit NACC in year 1 because of ur physical fitness... but HEY!! u prove me damm wrong... u push urself harder than any of ur team mates! u deserve my respect and i salute to u! i am sure the juniors will be inspired by ur attitude!!

to my polo captains, jeremy and rudith: it's been great having u guys around since we were year 1.. lots of hard work paid off.. none of it is wasted... both of u lead ur respective guy and girl teams well... thanks for the effort for always fighting for extra pool slots even for an hr extras and argue with the security guards and life guards... and always asking someone to ask the guard to turn on the extra lights after 7pm... i am sure the new captains will be able to carry out ur good work...

to my new captains, Zhi hao and Benson: both of u are 2 strong headed guys... just like any of the previous polo captains... which is good.. u all are able to push others to train as hard as u... and for zhi hao.. the reasons for why i shouted at u for often n showing u attitude was a test... and u passed with flying colours... but u have to really learn to share things and sacrifice for ur team mates... its not easy being a captain but surely its not a tough one too...

to my pretty publicity, Karin baby: it's be taxing for u... now u not only have a great successor but two! and two pretty hot publicity!!! i am sure NACC publicity will have a great leap ahead!!

to my hottest publicity duo ever, Jappo and Jiaying: there is alot of publicity work left for u two to complete it... but i am sure u two the JJ DUO will rock NACC in 2006/2007... both of u got the great fengshui... jappo is white and jiaying is black... both will fit perfectly well with one another... ok i was just kidding abt the fengshui part but seriously... as an ex-publicity i can sense the passion in both of u to show to everyone how great NACC is and ever will be... keep on doing those rocking stuff!!

to my trusty treasurer, ah tiong: u did a great job as treasurer... i never worry abt corruptions in the club cuz i trust u... did alot accounting for us... i understand its not easy to keep requesting for subsidies... but with ur charm... u did it tiong! so now u dun need to worry so much... just train ur girl well and assist denise :)

to new polo girl captain, aunty denise: perfection is wat u seek by working real hard.. i am sure the junior girls will be motivated by ur never ending energy in not just training but in studying too... i know that you will be a very understanding captain and i wish you all the best for training for this nat champs... i know its not gonna be easy but no pain no gain!

to the new treasurer, Jiun: u may have a super high pitch for ur voice but i see that u are a very responsible and hard working hard... i am sure u will be able to teh those SDAR teachers... i can never convince them to approve me to do anything... that's why i have to send in lianne and tiong to do for me... so better teh more... dun break ur voice... go for more helium therapy... HAHA ALL THE BEST!

to alfred and jeremy: even though i dunno u two well but i am sure u guys will put in ur 111% for the club :) hope to see some fair-bra-lous results from u two...

to new secretary, alexis: finally secretary is not being shared by two person so it means u will have lots to work on! i am sure u can do it...

to my dearest lovely benjamin: its not that cuz i love u soooooooo much that i put u into the com.. when comes to work i am serious... and u have a great responsibility attitude which makes u a perfect candidate for this AC postion... u will make it far someday with ur positive outlook... i have trust in u...

to the very handsome lex: congrats boy... u will be a great president just like me! speak louder k.. dun be so shy.. i know u are not shy one... if u need.. u can try to drink abit of volka to get u high... hahhaa... lead the club well... its not easy but u will slowly pick up along the way... all effort will be paid off after one year of serving as president.. u can call me when u need any helps... but of course i have to charge u $5 per problem...

to my support pillar thru out my 2 yrs in main com, LIANNE SEAH: i really cant stop thanking u for all that u have done... i received much help from u when i was still in publicity and u were the treasurer then... ur endless effort in concealing all my flaws made us a super duo presidents :) my great reason for not wanting to be in 21st com at all is because of u too... we made great partners in organising events.. no one can ever replace u.. and the lex will have a better chemistry with peter than me so yeah... we both deserve a super long break.. i really think we were the best presidents that NACC ever had for 20yrs... we should ensure that all our future presidents will be better and better... i will not be a great president without you supporting and assisting me... ONCE AGAIN.... THANK YOU LIANNE...

President of NACC 2005/2006

looking back now... i really wonder if i will ever be a president if i wasnt given publicity in 19th com... but anyway juju u really nv made a bad choice by choosing me and i made u proud... i still pretty much prefer to be in publicity instead... but my 19th com era... i did more than just publicity... did lots of other stuff too :)

thank you NACC....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

alot ppl dun believe me... but there is really a hahahaha he is a rocker!! woohooo! Posted by Picasa

ok this is damm interesting... Posted by Picasa

FOR THOSE WHO OWN DOUBLE DUTCH PADDLE! hahaha.. double dutch means talking nonsense! ahaha Posted by Picasa

best shot of FEB taken by ME --> AC & her cake (actually is my piece) with chocolate base and vanilla in the middle plus strawberry top layer and a nice strawberry on top... woooo.. Posted by Picasa

ngiap, grace, me, nai, ac, kok + 12 cups, 1 red plate, 39 colour plates Posted by Picasa

MY BEST FRIEND IS GRACE..... and i think grace look like tiong but everyone said dun look like... hmmm *scratch head* Posted by Picasa


Sunday, February 19, 2006

i think the person who design for LSCT badge copy from st gabs.... it look freaking hell the same from far can... i thought i didnt grad from sec sch for a moment... Posted by Picasa
2 tests over... bioinfo was a stunning paper! cuz... alot ppl thought that its gonna be easy but NO... all got shocked! cgmp was not bad... i think i will score well for the paper :) its been a long time since i have this feeling that i will score well for a paper... 2 more tests and 1 exam n 1 presentation before i say bye bye to this hectic semester.... this coming week-- on tues, i have IL1 practical test and thurs, have DDD test and sat i have AGM! then next tues i have genomics exam and also have to submit the powerpoint presentation slide on that day. wat is the best part? i have not started anything on any of my test/exam/presentation... GOOD LUCK ALVIN LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

fri was a stupid day... i went for the make up practical class so boring can... then i spent my breaks by doing a photo collage for AC... its sooooo nice i think... hahaha i hope she is touched by me.. MUAHAH... then went to PDC tutorial super waste of time which he asked us to do survey only and then can leave! imagine i have no make up class i wont even be in sch!!! so after tutorial i just continue my research on japan... i plan out that i want to leave for japan on 29th march and back by 29th april... but i still need to call up my japan host family if they could host me on the dates... yeah.. need to call them n check up... i want to faster book my air ticket lor i cant wait!

sat... a pissing morning.... i woke up and ready to go training... i found out my stupid bro wore my slippers... super annoyed they keep wearing my shoes/slippers and carry my bag, use my belt, wear my shirts and touch watever stuff they could... as if i passed away n i no longer around... they dun even have the courtesy to ASK... another reason for me to move out right out i start to work... my mother forever so protective of them... wait till one day i die before anyone of them... and i laugh in heaven/hell that she should have treated me better then... anyway... i just walk down n the next pissed thing... my vespa key not in the place where i usually put in my bag! so pissed again n i went up to find the key which explains why i am late for training... and i decided to sell of this vespa for my trip to japan... yes i really do love riding but it really leeching alot money from me and i decided to sell it away... i will buy a new vespa next time if i have the money! backpacking japan is always what i wanted to do! i went japan 3times i have never ever or even step on tokyo ground or even breathe the tokyo air can! how sad! this time i gonna check out tokyo! harajuku, shinjuku n all the places!!!!

after training came back home to changed to get ready to celebrate AC bday... reserved the table for us and i pushed by the timing twice! hahaha then met yao to borrow the sakae VIP card and then just now grace reach n i intro the 2 of them :) smileys.... so went around to see if any of the photo shop can print the photo for me at a reasonable price... thanks to my spoilt printer... cant find any at taka n wisma.. before i go off other places... i grab a small little cake for cake! its gonna rocks and it did! hahaha... went to far east to get the photos printed and then head back to wheelock again for dinner... yeah all of us were that but the birthday girl... i had a bad headache while waiting... must be the heat n the sun in the morning...

anyway AC FINALLY reached... but we started eating abit before she arrived n hid the plates away... hahaha.... nowadays i pretty much enjoy the company of my pri sch friends... esp when grace around... and grace is leaving singapore in 10days!!!!!! ah!!! next thurs she is leaving!! gonna go send her off again... stupid bitch better come back soon again... hahahaa... anyway i bet AC had a rocking 20th birthday :) cuz the cakes is really good... people if u want to buy nice and reasonable price cakes pls go taka basement SWISSBAKE to buy its really really good!

i think from this year onwards i really wish for a more rocking birthday parties... as in nowadays alot ppl birthday is just give present n meet up for dinner... its not that its bad but i know we all are busy... i think we all should starts to plan some surprise party for some ppl... let's revolutionise BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS!!!

sunday was bad... i supposed to go down to support the sprinters for their race but i dunno why i am so tired that i slept half the day thru... and i cant really really study... i spent most of my time to read up on japan instead of my report... i read this person's whole trip to japan... 15pages... for 15days in japan... its kinda strike me again on my planning for japan... i thought that youth hostel gonna be the cheapest but ryokan is darn good too! its almost the price of a youth hostel and its much nicer!!! hmmm... i actually wanted to start my intense planning after feb... but i think i will take it slowly from now first... and i want to build a website for my japan trip.. after i am back from it la of course...