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Friday, July 27, 2007

ntu friendly was great! hahahha... my stupid juniors... make me damm sad... some dunno i didnt got into ntu... then keep asking why i am doing at the friendly? fiona asked if i am studying in ntu... -_-" then meng said... hey LEE! u playing at HOME ground not AWAY! dots.... lame la... and yest damm funny la i was talking to tiong that i got the NTU spirit shirt n ask me to wear! hahahah! damm long nv row in acrobat! freaking heavy but its good training shit man... i like! its almost like i doing dragonboat with the resistance on.. instead rowing just right.. i rowing both side! we need more training on heavy boats man!!! and today i called ryan n found out my ex-president of nacc xinyu is in SMU canoepolo girl's team! cool sia!!! hahah world DARN SMALL....

me with elizaaaaaa! hahaha...

i am the new monster!!! u know who is missing? lingzhen... cuz i kick her out n replace her position! LOL... not funny... and the reason why i wear this shirt is cuz dee dee bday party later theme is RAINBOW!!!!!!

happy 21st birthday dee dee!!!

dun we look coool!!!!!! its rainbow!! and we didnt plan who wear which colour!!! yet we got nice tone of colour from red to purple!! damm cool sia!!!

the power of WIDE ANGLE CAMERA.... can squeeze sooooo many ppl inside!! hahaha... rocks!!!

the fly plane ppl!!! hahaha... damm cool all 4 of us diff colour! looks like power rangers! hahaha

i freaking miss my vespa can!!! i went to ride kerrie's bike! wau its been a year since i ride my vespa can!!! ahhhhhh!!! i really miss u vespa.... come back to papa.... PUN INTENDED! hahaha...

dee dee birthday photo
part 1
part 2

these 2 SHE songs is on my ipod n spinning in my head for damm long! hhahaha SHE can u pls shuo ni ai wo!!! cuz wo ai ni! hahahaahhaa...

I LOVE SHE!!! super in love with them CAN!!! and hebe is damm cute! weeee....... i nv love chinese songs soooooo much in my life... how i wish i can study chinese as hard as before.... go ktv i really cant read those chinese words
hahahhaa or is it cuz i am force to read fast!!! ah!!! SHE coming tmr n will be at IMM on sunday! i want to find them leh!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE SHE!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

went down for canoepolo friendly with NUS... i was like... hoping red tide will come too but didnt... only the current NUS students... i realise there are really really alot of new faces... guess i kinda lost my connection for quite awhile... even when i was at kallang... the only ppl i recognise is darren hanlong batch... which they all are year 3! hahaha... EVERYBODY IS OLD LA!

alright... back to friendly... great that jeremy came down... n stupid joshua nv come... idiot... jeremy seems to be on better form than in srrr! hahaha... surprisingly good... but not sure if he can make it for nat champ this yr... its been really long since i really train too... sat aside... looking at my juniors play.... i was really surprise to see some improve alot.. one or two still stuck at the same old level.. cant believe they grew up so much... it seems like yesterday when they all came own n i teach them how to paddle straight!! hey guys... dun stop playing polo k! if not u waste my effort training u guys... n not just me but jeremy, ruixiang all's effort too!!!

cant remember who told me abt gracie story at nus... i was like laughing away...then during one of the match... gracie came to ref for us.... i heard one NUS guy said... wau she damm strict sia... i was like... huh... strict meh... seriously i think gracie really very fair in ref-ing matches n with her oversea experiences... i am sure she is more sharp in catching fouls... GRACIE! u damm man MAN! i LIKE! hahaha...

and cool shit.. the nat team girls are joining the MEN OPEN THIS YR! and men open gonna have 2 divisions YEAH FINALLY!!! its goood la... cuz i really hope to see sch like NTU bring home something... if not always the strong teams bring back stuff... and let's welcome SMU!!! was talking to ryan who was like damm stress over finding place to train for the smu ppl.... yeah man... alot ppl been talking to me abt pool n places to train... SINGAPORE CAN U FREAKING OPEN UP MORE PLACE FOR CANOEPOLO!!! WE ARE SURROUNDED BUT NOTHING BUT WATER yet we have no place to train! ironic HUH!!! its not like we in germany which is really INLAND!

i finally went to to check out the forum... quite abit of new stuff n thanks whoever who post up the link for omg its seriously damm cool la... its been than straits times sports... local media have toooooo MUCH SOCCER! its fucking boring to see soccer everywhere... FUCKING BORING can.... i was looking at other non-soccer post... damm cool sia! hahahaa.... nat champs... U GONNA BE UP THERE this year! :)

anyway... me n junkang took a pic with our NEW HELMET! yeah! its blue!!! my fav colour hahaha.... cool shit la!!! and we gonna have out LEE stickers on it... and GUESS WAT~!!! i just realise my n jk have almost the same name initials!!!! LEE JUN KANG = LJK and LEE JIAN JIN = LJJ!! one after another! LOL... we are the LJ BROTERS.... sounds like (LJ=lan jiao) ahahha! stupid shit la... seeee... if u gimme to much time i will think of alot shit....

went down after the friendly to catch up with andy n fredrick... i miss u two assholes! hahaha... two funny guys from my sispec time.... oh man i miss all ur lame shit stuff... had yoshinoya for lunch n catch up abt stuff n stuff.... and andy is gonna be an officer soon! the only officer from our sispec bunk! hahaha... but i couldnt stay too long cuz grace shi ting xue er is waiting for me!!!!!

finally met up with shi ting after so long la!!!! been in china for 6moonths... ok she has not been sooooo china-fied... hahaha ok la its really good to have her back n talk crap again!!! she always damm scare i scold her lor... i very SCARY MEH! idiot! hahaha...

grace left n went back aussie on monday... I MISS U GIRL!! and AC i MISS U TOOO!!! ahahahhaa i carry the paddle around town cuz my angle just change! i dunno its my goal keeping good or ruixiang shooting improve!!! hahaha... i only keep twice... 1st shot from mark then from rx... the paddle blade turn... i was like FUCK!!!! this cant be happening!!! nat champs in 1month time! wtf!!!!

anyway i just went to get my paddle fix!! BILLY U ROCKS N I LOVE U! hahahaha he fix the paddle on the sports n omg man carbon shortage really increase the paddle price by alot! 4yrs ago a double dutch will cost u $400 n now it will cost u.... $540!! no joke! and i love to visit billy n get my paddle fix... he will always explain n tell me stuff about paddle n boats... he is damm good in material science.... its just like having d&t class back in st gabs... when i totally hate it... so there he was explaining the different between tough n hard... yeah there is a diff!!!! freak man... can MOE pls hire him to tell D&T its more practical in real life lor.... and sch lessons is damm oh so boring.... so he glue back the blade for just $10 n with 1month warranty!! OH MAN! he rocks la!!! no wonder there is BILLY BOMBERS! LOL.....

ok i think i getting abit high today... i was calling tiong just now.... then talk n talk... i was like hey u know wat! tmr ntu friendly i feel like wearing NTU SPIRIT SHIRT! hahahaa she was there laughing damm loud la... hahaha i getting crazy man! hahaha... funny shit la... we went on n on crapping n lame shitting... hahaha....

alright there is so much to type but i have to end here.... wanted to update abt my physiotherapy, army life and oversea uni stuff but i need to rush to pack alot stuff... i am freaking busy man... gonna die soon! oh pls... u know what keeps me going on????? my lame-ness is fuel-ing my tired body... i just laugh n carry one!!!!! and yes u ppl... whoever reading now... if u are at home... pls pick up ur phone and dial my hp.... i am damm free to entertain n sorry i dunno any funny jokes but i can be freaking lame till u get frostbite.... call me for fun pls! really for fun n i am not kidding! no prank calls pls!!!