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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Social Life - April/May 2012

Really very happy to meet my friends when I am not working....

Long awaited gathering with my Canoe Polo mates from Ngee Ann Poly... Look at Rudith! she is soooooo drunk! HAHAHAH.... Lianne suggested to meet up for zi cha at Holland V end up she can't make it! hahaha! Joshua is quite lucky to be able to have someone to volunteer to organise the next gathering! haha...

Met my Gastronomia ex-colleagues for a farewell for Moses.... He is going back China to set up his own business! It's been a great time working with them last year! Once in a while I will still pop by the shop to meet them and say HELLO!!! hehee... Hope to see you again Moses! :)

The other day, last min ask Shereen out and she came out!!! woohooo!!!! she gave me an owl she bought from Beijing! ahhaha LOVE IT! it's soooo cute! hahaha

Haha.... then finally met up with SHEREEEEEEN again!!! hehe... we went to maxwell to have our dinner... ate like a pig and walked around the area. finally decided to sit and chill at pigeon hole... I love this apple cider... SOOOOOO NICE..... it's so sweeeeet-cider.... 

I went to Shanghai to help her buy the TP Link router.... guesssss what.... i bluff her that there's a limited edition polka dots router and she really believe me! LOL!!!! i just simply paste all the stickers on it! hahaha.... yeah! she is gonna keep the stickers! hahahaha

the next day i went back to tanjong pagar again cuz there's MAAD flea Market! I just found out that they are having this flea every 1st friday of the month!

Too bad I had a very full dinner with Priscilla... at Maxwell market again... 2days in a row (but the food really nice!) if not i would have try this!

So nice huh.... 

The pies look yummmmmy!!!! i am still fullll.... sorrrry hahahaha

one thing about all these flea.... the stuffs they sell is always very girly stuff so nothing much for guys to see.... so sad.... i should have but this baby shoes for Aerin! :)

When you walk further in, there's a much bigger space with more stalls!

No idea what's this...

I like the stuff this girl is selling... so cute huh! very korean... very expensive too...

Pris with her Owl craze!!! hahaha... HOWL HOWL....

After the flea with Pris, she left to meet her friend and I left to meet Mabel!!! woooohoooo! damm long never see her! So we bought some beers and went to Esplanade roof top to chit chat... Mabel is going back Taiwan for her annual leave.... so shiok! i totally miss taiwan can! but i miss thailand more so I ask if Mabel wanna go Bangkok with me and she said she most probably would wanna go with me! WOOHOOOO!

AL-vin is AL-coholic!

Wed just went MAMBO with Marvin and Gill~!!! It's been exactly 3months since I last went to MAMBO!!!! MISS IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Zouk is kinda empty... so weird right... most of the uni students exams over but its quite empty... but its good for me... i hate overcrowding clubs... and the music was quite good! love it!!! that night they play lots of BSB & Britney songs... so 90s/00s... love it!


Yesterday, met up with my another Taiwanese friend Lucy.... I brought my mum's cooking and put it in bento and share the LOVE!!! Her first time trying Singapore mum's cooking! AND SHE LIKE IT! hehe!!!

Later on in the evening.... Preparing for Grace's birthday party... Chef Erubin again~!!! hahaha... Can't believe... this photo make me look like 18! haha... *ahem* i am already 26 an uncle already!! hahaha...
My special salad with lettuces, shaving hams and salmon roe i bought from Tokyo~!! YUMS! sprinkled with just fresh lemon juice and ground pepper.... SUPER HEALTHY YA? haha

Can't believe my bestie make me do this! She said zixin got very nice biceps and ask me to flex with her... hahaha... #those-crazy-things-we-do
HAHA... last year we posed with champagne! hahaha this year... same thing! next year grace wanna pose with toilet bowl! HAHAHHA!!!
Birthday girl with the guys :)


it's so funny how the rocking chair is in the photo... we can just photoshop those who didnt make it to the party hahaha....

Have I told you my sister in law just gave birth!? yessss! same birthday as my dad... my dad so happy lo! haha... now my dad is a grandpa at the age of 52 and my mum is a grandma at 49. so young right... aiyo... how i wish i can have my kids NOW! i think there's chance that my mum can be a great grandma... omg... pls dun ask me to imagine 30year from now... hahaha

anyway this pretty princess is call AERIN~!!! i swear i did not influence my brother in naming the child... she just came out and already smiling... awwwwwwww

Uncle Erubin with Princess Aerin = Aeribin Love~!!! haha... so cute right! OMG!!! I WANT TO HAVE A DOZEN KIDS NOW!!!!!!!!