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Friday, June 20, 2008


my house there... having a super big pasar malam.... its like great singapore sales coming to yishun... hahaha watever... i had a hard time trying to photograph everything... cuz all uncle auntie dun allow me to take n i have to take it when they turn around... imagine u trying to point middle finger at ur teacher without them catching u!! hahaha i was in that exact situation!

so ex lor... i think u go rent a canoe u can row even longer! hahaha wat a rip off...

ticket booth! so nice... hahha

pirate ship huh...

we all used to sit on these.... u never sit before? NO CHILDHOOD!!

dun bargain la... things here all cheap cheap already!!

all the sinful food... oh man...

wau i want super large chicken chop!! hahaha

pasar malam nowadays quite cool huh... got alot new kind of stuff... i think one day u will sushi n pizza n watever food

u want one? 

she went tangs to buy socks not enough... must go pasar malam buy more... hahaha or she realised they have same socks that were selling at tangs at a cheaper price? ho ho

why never gimme the chair to sit instead n let the tv sit....

lelong ah!! buy buy buy... cheap cheap...

the bangala havaianas  hahaha... but all these look like someone wore it before already


puzzled puzzle?

helicopter with big big wheel! haha

baby... mummy teach u how to shop for cute cute things ok? next time must buy for mummy k?

cute VS sexy

wau... she say dun play play leh... cannnot anyhow play with ball ball

i think soon everyone chinese new year can go pasar malam n eat shark fin soup already hor... haha

candy floss! i want the machine!!


why rihanna nv come here shop for umbrella..... so cute

pasar malam even sell car... wat's next??? camera?? iphone?? maybe coffin huh!

latest fashion... nice ok!

understand or not!!! want to buy then open and see!! NO BUY NO SEE OR U CHAO CHEE BUY! UNDERSTAND!!!!

wau lau this is damm old sch can.... use ball throw at those old cans hahaha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i clearing my off on today n tmr.... suddenly i felt so productive out of the blue!!! ahahah last nite... i printed out whatever documents i need for my vietnam n japan trip.... trying to finish the ink... then i registered my new canon printer warranty online!! then i bought 2 japanese movie dvd that i ALWAYS wanted to watch... i got it online... should be arriving next week haha...

then today afternoon... i TOURED 3 repair centre!! hahaha woooo amazing... i felt like i on amazing race... i left home at 130pm and have to reach NP by 5... so i went to city hall to collect my spoilt olympus camera which will cost $150 to be repair... wat for man... nowadays $200 can buy new n better one! just damm sad that my fav cam no longer working anymore... i guess my gadget usage is very high that it spoilt fast too... after that head to clark quay harvey norman centre.... repair my ipod photo 20gb... i just listen to it the other day then it just HANG! damm it... i guess i'm lucky to have 2 ipod... backup each other... i cant imagine life without music... then head down to panasonic centre at queensway.... my panasonic camera... knock a few times... then the lens is distorted i guess cuz i cant focus when i zoom in...  sian man... its still under warranty but dunno if that will be cover in the warranty... 

the gadget nowadays is just so lousy n bad... dun last long... haiz... and new stuff doesnt mean good ok!! last week IT show i went to buy a new all in one printer...cuz my old epson all in one printer is not compatible with mac!! so i have to go window to print...  i was thinking of getting epson again... but guess wat the model is still the same as march IT show n march one was cheaper!! 88!! this time round only drop to 98... wau lau sucks right... so i went to check out the printer still.... guess wat... my old one have more functions than the new one.... my old one can photocopy colour document 4R size n expand n print out A4 size or A4 size printout to be 4R!!! without connecting to the computer... so my computer-idiot mother she can even use it!! but the new one dun even have those buttons there so cant print!!! i sian tiao n when i saw it photocopy of colour printout... its damm disappointing... cannnot make it.... so i went to canon... even thought they also dun have the function as my old printer but at least its print out is really goood.... before my epson printer i was using a canon one... which is very good!! even though its $119 but i just buy it at least it has the quality! and i got free A4 and 4R photo paper!! the free speaker i gave to chia meng and wireless mouse gave to weidong... i felt like santa! hahaha.... so i became an air steward and start dragging my printer on the trolley home... hahaha... i TRUST CANON!! muahuaha

i just realised that my trip to vietnam is just next next sunday!!! i am like still not prepared... i have to thank yao alot for booking all the hostel n trips... hahahah looking forward to the trip... a getaway... i should be bringing my canon 10D dslr and my old canon ixus i camera... SEE! end of the day... its still canon! olympus and panasonic just die on me... so i guess i didnt make a bad choice for buying canon printer... booooo...

haiz i dunno if i having regrets for not going for my ankle surgery... nowadays its like getting worse but still ok... especially when wearing my army boots... i dun want to excuse from boots cuz i cant imagine myself wearing my green uniform with sandals?! some ppl do wear it n i think its like horrible... but well 45days later i can say good bye to boots... 

now that i gonna ord soon... i simply just cant wait for sch to start... gonna meet new bunch of friends... wonder how my classmates gonna be like... seriously... i praying for nerds... i gonna mug for real... after this aug nat champs i will probably reduce my polo training... but still i gonna arrange my timetable n keep those tummy away... hahaha... i decided to stay back in sch every day to revise n write notes... just like those times back in st gabs mugging for o level... i shall tell myself that town is boring! hhhaahahaha... i gonna make a new specs... i want a super geeky specs so that i can wear it to study... contacts will just make my eyes damm dry... haiz wonder when will i get to do my lasik...

and i just miss NP badly... as in my poly days oh man... just miss all those nonsense... hahaha but well... life is not about missing those days in the past but is about what is yet to be in the future... :)

i am so gonna buy a bicycle... i want those uncle auntie ride one with basket in front... hahahha its damm nice to ride la! last time when i was young.. i raced with all other kids in their mountain bike and i won them!! i need a bicycle so tat if i wanna go yishun library, yishun safra or yishun gym i can cycle there instead of taking bus or walk so far... probably can cycle to some other place to take some photo or find some place to study n read... 

oh man oh man... i just cant wait to ord... i just felt that this 1yr n 10months... i am being a prisoner just that i can book out on weekends... but still its not a total freedom... u know wat i truly miss??? some really simple simple things.... like wearing my home clothes n not army clothes.... sleeping in my bed at home everyday... not only fri n sat nite when i book out...  its not that my army bed is not nice but i just dun have peace n security when i sleep in camp... u just simply dunnno wat might happen... unlike sleeping at home... just like a safe haven... I JUST MY LIFE BACK... seeing my juniors going in army soon... i just felt time really pass me by... we are all entering a new stage in our lives... soon alot familiar faces will be gone for sometime... and to think abt it... i will only start working full time 3yrs later... oh man... we are all aging!! ahhhhh.... hahaha just some of my random thoughts these few days!! gonna ZZZzzzz

mr KKJ... busy looking at his photos n gonna print it... WASTE MONEY! hahaha

my muji camera!! heehe i bought it for $7.90 for fun...

i wonder how long have i use a disposable camera... hope the result will be good... :)

walk around suntec... took some photo... nice huh??

got like las vegas feeling huh??? hahaha i watch too much movie la... booooo

so met up with yao n princess zhen you..... we had out dinner at this curry restaurant along the city hall side.... we were quite lucky... once we enter... they change the sign to CLOSED! hahaha

yao with her green salad... looks nice... better than my miso soup i guess....

i just ordered a half size curry... which is half the portion n its still quite filling... cuz i wasnt that hungry.... its nice :) but i can make nicer one... ahhaha

23 JULY to 27 JULY.... 3pm to 6.30pm at singapore river.... CANOEPOLO MERLION CUP!!! woooo.... be careful of merlion's puke ok!!! hahaha if ya free... go down n watch canoepolo competition!!

weidong trying very hard to seeee.....

chia meng tooo.... trying very hard to seeeeeeee.... hahaha

farewell monica!!! going melbourne to study.... all best n seee u soon!!! :)

nick is always so blur! hahaha

must be bitching abt me... smile until like that...

boy boy... wat u looking at huh? hahaha

taken by chia meng... i felt like i live in the 90s hhahahha

showing weidong some chio auntie photo... hahaha

smile smile....

hello everyone!!! i am alvin lee! haahaha

i am actually living in 1990s.... i can travel into the future... i am hiro nakamura!! YATTA!!! hahaha sorry i just finished heroes season 1!!! hahahah

taken by weidong.... the rainbow just appeared there... hahahah  am i in heaven??? hahhaa