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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eurobin Trip side track to Eleven Paris!

Guess what I got from TANGS?!?!

Yup.. I took part in the Tangs PlayLab to be one of the lucky participant to wear this Brand new exclusive Parisian label!

The latest Winter collection includes some very hot tees designed by aleXsandro Palombo such as the Vog Off tee and also drawings of famous icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Manson and Anna Wintour adorn simples tees. Famous artist aleXsandro Palombo is well known for his society portraits inspired by the world’s most famous high fashion designers.

When I went to TANGS, I got to choose from all these design below.


This season also sees a range of Eleven Paris signature quirky t–shirts with handprints of celebrity faces such as Rihanna and Uma Thurman and the brand’s ‘life is a joke!’ slogan. (The one shown above) The collection is dark and sophisticated, inspired by the New Wave scene and Scandinavian culture. Minimal with a rock and roll edge, the collection blends this season’s key trends into staple wardrobe lust-haves.

It was really difficult to choose one I really like... as in I am allow to have one shirt and one pants. IF POSSIBLE I WANT ALL THE T-SHIRTS! But only one... so I decided to pick the one below...

Yup! This Lady Gaga lookalike holding onto Eiffel Tower! I will definitely wear this next time I am in Paris!! I MISS PARIS!!! So this T-shirt will remind me of my Paris trip...

I really like T-shirt to have their own tag at the side of the shirt to "show off" the brand of the shirt. It is better than some brands that tries to print the brand name together with the design of the T-shirt which just totally spoil everything... so the tag at the side is much better :)

I also like T-shirt with prints at the back of your neck instead of those tag which will irritate your neck. The humour chic series have really interesting design which is really suitable to wear for special occasions. It is also good for occasion whereby you will get to meet new people and all these funky designs will be one of the topic to kick start the conversation!

When I took out the pants, I realised they gave me the wrong colour pants! Haha... It is supposed to be the green one not the grey one. (I'm not colourblind right?) All pants usually have a big tag at the back of the jeans around the belt area. But often, it is blocked by the belt or the T-shirt. So Eleven Paris is really smart to put the label near the pockets which is low enough for others to see! Very subtle... I LIKE!

The design is very different from normal pants. There's this extra cloth to "protect" the button. Cute!

This is the best part.... I really like this double pocket on the pants! Let say I have my HTC phone and keys with me. I don't have to put my HTC phone in the pouch or case and still put it in the pocket without the fear of the keys scratching my phone's screen! Or let say I go clubbing, I can just put my locker tag in the other pocket so when I took out my phone from the pocket, the tag won't drop out together with the phone. That's how some people lose their locker tags and other small items. Brilliant design for the pocket! I never see any other brands doing the same design as this... 

I just went to cut my hair really short! (Compare my long hair during my Paris trip and now) The T-shirt that I was wearing is S size. Fit perfectly!! So does the pants too! It's waist 29! I felt as if the clothes were all tailor-made for me! Haha...

Let me give you a fashion tip. When wearing such a nice T-shirt, I am sure you won't want to wear a sling bag as the sling will block the design. So you should carry something like my that Freitag bag! Hand carry style with no sling! When everyone else is going crazy over H&M and trying to look the same, time for you to be unique and stand out with Eleven Paris! I guess everyone will start asking where I got my shirt and pants from...

Eleven Paris’ Winter 2011 T-Shirt is now available in TANGS PlayLab, Orchard. GO GET IT NOW!!! For more information and updates, do visit

Eurobin Trip Day 12 - 23 June - Paris

BONJOUR Everyone~!!! Finally decided to go to the Lourve after a few days in Paris... Remember to go early, if not the queue gonna be really long....

If I am not wrong, Lourve is the world BIGGEST MUSEUM... yes.. its REALLY HUGE! I spent at least 4hours inside!

Supper anyone?? haha

Woooo.... LESBIANS... playing with nipple huh... LOL

This is call THREESOME... haha

Spiral stairs.. and the centre elevator is for the handicap!

it's a really nice and modern place... please enter with a full stomach...

Sometime you need to take self-protrait of yourself so that you can prove to people you been here! haha I was just checking my hair at the same time... LOL


Really a lot of paintings and sculptures all over the place...


THAT'S MONA LISA! Look at how many people are crowding around there! Need to force my way thru!


I spent some time outside Lourve to write some postcards and sent to my friends in Singapore and other places!


Too bad I didn't have time to wait to go even higher up.... but the midpoint is already freaking high!! I wanna go up again!!! I love Effiel Tower!!!

Laduree! Went in to buy some macaroons and pastry... REALLY SWEET...

This is about €25? for 17 pieces of macaroons... ok I am not a big fan of macaroons so to me its just so so...

My last day in Paris.. I will be back again ok? Au Revoir~!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 11 - 22 June - Paris

So the start of the day... I went to CATACOMBS!!! zzzzz... scary yo... Thought I was in the at around 1pm but its so deep down that you can feel the chill!! And most people came with friends but I am ALL alone.. so i walk through the passage alone and I had audioguide with me and they made those eerie sound... waaaa.... i can't take it so I stopped and wait for other people to pass by and i tag along closely behind them!!

In the catacombs! FYI, the place is close at 4pm... the queue takes almost an hour.. and you will take at least 1 hour to walk through the catacombs. There's a limit to how many people can be down there at any time, thus the queue. So please go early, or else you just waste a trip down to queue and you can't enter....

this is how it looks like before they open to public

so scary!

its really skulls and bones... REALLY CHILL DOWN THE SPINE!

I seriously wonder who is that crazy to make a barrel of BONES AND SKULLS! zzzzz

went to walk around the park... so relaxing

awesome weather...

something you wont see Singaporeans doing it... lying on the grass...

street massage in Paris!

In the evening when Igor ended his work, he met me at Sacre Coeur... quite a climb up... but it's all worth it and really nice from above... but the cheap instead is kinda old... but still alright... from train station to the church can be a little dangerous. Be careful!!

is this sacre coeur? i cant remember! hahaha

Hotel of Lourve!

I told Igor to head back home first while I went to lourve alone to take some night shot of Lourve. Really never regret bringing my dSLR!!!

Awwww... Paris is soooo beautiful at sunset... and its like 10pm+! haha.. Hope you all like my photos! :) All photos are without any photoshop editing! I never believe in Photoshopping my photo.. haha