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Saturday, February 06, 2010


aisha is in my eyes... only you... LOL!!!

ok met yao n robynne to try out vanilla cafe... soooo omg pls... its totally different from the vanilla cafe from BKK!!! everyone.. u die die must go vanilla cafe in BKK!!! the singapore one PLEASE DO NOT GO!!! soooo lousy!!!! my this set is $8.90 or $9.90... WTF!!! KNS.... so small potion n just beef n rice?? might as well go yoshinoya right? wat rubbish is this... fuck u... not even like a side dish n u call this a SET? how about "SAD"? i call this my "SAD SET"....


yao order this... was $7.90... meat so thin n the veggie is like stepped on the floor n soooo cannnot make it.... $7.90... pls go subway... its alot better in subway than here....

ok this is so-so... just cant go wrong... if this goes wrong... then its totally hopeless....

after our BAD experience at fake vanilla cafe... we walked around the place n explored..... saw this shop.... HUM JI PARK??? hahaha no balls inside...

me n robynne with colourful pillars :)

yao n robynne....


went to lau pa sat n want to chill at some nice place n landed at wendy... SUCKS.... soooo lousy!!

check out my fake smile for wendy.... wendy u slut... u no good... :P

what's wrong with that day... allllll fooood SUCKS n expensive!!!

then... came my apple crumble!!!!! LOVE U.... u CHEAP... but berry good... love u deep deep!!

hahaha this is for u liantee!!!

still for u liantee....

the 3 of us plus liantee... hahhaah

I love yao's shirt!!! NICE!!!
After training please gimme more currrry~!!! muahauahu~!!!

me, guo ping, edwin, melani PLUS spencer (camera man) hahaha thanks spencer!!!

now u seee the handsome spencer... WORKING ADULT OK... hahaha

we kenna "con" to order tandoori chicken! its not that its not nice but its freaking $20!!!!
not bad...

Mel enjoying her foooood!!!

edwin toooo! love curry!

spencer caught in surprise!!!

super unglam... HAHAA


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Once upon a time in the ottoman empire....

Turkish food with my NP seniors, Juju and Syaz + my batch, rudith + the juniors PONGKIES + wai leong!!!

TIONG WANTS A MAGIC CARPET RIDE..... sorry i not aladdin! hahaha

rudith and juju... i have no idea why rudith is stoning... hahaa

rudith look damm sad! haha i dunnno why! damm funny!!

cookies from juju!!! :)


me with syazie and cookie!

kebah!!! eat eat!!

i like this... cant remember wat is it... but the white yogurt thing is interesting and tiong love it alot alot!!!

and this is sooo western food! hahaa... as in there's potato n its really nice!!!!

this is some minced stuff... cant remember!! ahhhhh!!! i just eat n eat! hahaha

and i also dun remember wat is this....

junes choosing tooties!!

i love tooootsie!!! nice! thank you daph!!!

and my shot glass from daph!! i love shot glass!

juju with specs! soooo not her image! hahaa

rudith with her executive look! haha

granny RAD specs!!

i like rud's retro spec case!!!

seeee who is the extra one without specs huh!!! KARIN!!

karin made me do this with her! i look so cock here!

haha.... crazy girls!

juju with her butterfly eyes!! tsk tsk...

and the inverted butterfly!

i like this spec! looks nice on me hahahah

then they all force me n karin to do this.... sooooo HARD! cuz we both tooo MUSCULAR!!!!!! hahaa